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Endicott bids bon voyage to 48 Semester Study Abroad Students

Endicott sends students to Italy, Spain, Australia, The Czech Republic, Ireland, Fiji, and The Netherlands during the Spring 2012 semester. Another two students will be spending their semester at sea and in port cities around the world on unique cruise ship programs. The Office of Undergraduate International Programs encourages all students to take advantage of the study abroad opportunities available to them during their tenure at Endicott College.

Here is what past study abroad students has shared about their experience abroad:

“One way I grew from studying abroad in Madrid is the way I perceive other cultures. I am now more open and accepting of cultures other than my own, as well as eager to learn about and engage myself in different cultures around the world.”
–Taylor Hage, Spring 2011 Study Abroad Alumni

“Leaving your personal space is always challenging, crossing an ocean to start a life in a completely different environment has made me grow in several ways. I have learned to understand others’ perspectives and cultures. Most of all, it has helped me appreciate my culture and my family more.”
–Maria Laura Barrera Andrade, 2010/11 Study Abroad Alumni

The EC Community Welcomes New International Students in Spring 2012

The EC community has been working hard to make the transition for eleven new international students as they begin their education here in Beverly in the Spring 2012 Semester. We look forward to welcoming our students from Pakistan, Mexico, Spain, Mongolia, Australia, Colombia and Bahrain to our campus and enriching the global education of our community through cross-cultural interactions. International Student Orientation begins on Friday, January 20th.

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