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Intercultural Activities

Intercultural Club
Promoting intercultural understanding throughout the Endicott College community and beyond.

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The Intercultural Club is a student group committed to promoting intercultural understanding at Endicott. As a club, we plan and participate in numerous cultural activities each year, both on and off campus. Activities include international dinners and film nights, charity events for international causes and sponsoring international and cultural performances and programs on campus. The Intercultural Club is also proud to sponsor Endicott's Global Village each semester. This group is open to all students on campus. Please contact: 

Chris Moca, (978) 232-2270

International Education Week

International Education Week Endicott takes part in the United States Department of State's International Education Week each November. 





Global Ambassador Program

The Global Ambassador Program at Endicott College is very helpful to newly arrived International Students. Upon arrival, each student is assigned a Global Ambassador (GA).  GAs are typically upperclassmen who are also international students or domestic students who have returned from a study abroad experience.  They help the new international students in their adjustment to the campus and to the US. The GA will bring the student to shop for any necessities, have dinners periodically with the student and check in during the semester to make sure that everything is going well. During each semester, GAs are asked to plan outings for all the newly arrived students to help them to get to know the area. Of course, the GAs are always available for questions and concerns, any day! Students can apply to be an Global Ambassador in April for the following academic year.

Global UGRAD - World Learning and IREX Exchange Programs

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Endicott is proud to welcome an elite group of students through the United States Department of State’s Global Undergraduate Exchange Program. Students selected for the Global UGRAD program have gone through a rigorous selection process and represent the best of their home countries. While coming to the United States to learn more about American culture, these students also bring their unique cultures to Beverly to share with the entire Endicott community!

Through the World Learning program, Endicott welcomes students from Asia and Latin America while through the IREX program Endicott welcomes students from Eurasia, Central Asia and Pakistan. So far, Endicott has been host to students from The Dominican Republic, Cambodia, China, Egypt, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Pakistan, the Philippines, Russia, Thailand, Uzbekistan and Venezuela.

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