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Software available on computers in the Diane M. Halle Library:

Care of Childbearing Families (1998)
• Clinical Simulations in Maternity Nursing I

-Pregnancy Complicated by PIH - Unit 1
-Normal Labor, Birth, and Postpartum - Unit 2
-A Complicated Delivery:  Prolonged Labor - Unit 3
-Assessment of a Newborn - Unit 4

• Clinical Simulations in Maternity Nursing II (1998)

-Pre-Term Labor and Care of a Premature Neonate - Unit 1
-A Pregnancy Complicated by a Sexually Transmitted Infection - Unit 2
-Adolescent Pregnancy and Prenatal Education - Unit 3
-A Maternity Client at Risk - Unit 4

Care of Children (1997)
• Clinical Simulations in Pediatric Nursing II:  

-An Infant with Congenital Heart Disease - Unit 1
-A Toddler with Respiratory Difficulties - Unit 2
-A Preschooler Hospitalized with Pneumonia - Unit 3
-A School Age Child with Leukemia - Unit

Psychosocial Nursing (2000) (In Library)
• Computer Assisted Instruction

-Eating Disorders
-Medication Clinic
-Medication Administration
-Mood Disorders
-Substance Abuse
-Therapeutic Communication

• Other

-Communication Skills:  Building Rapport and Trust (1997)
-Introduction to Transcultural Assessment (1996)

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