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Nursing Lab Policies

1.  The Nursing Lab is available for student use during posted hours. Assigned classes and/or tutoring sessions have priority.

2.  Food and beverages are not permitted in the Nursing Lab.

3.  Students are expected to respect the equipment at all times.

4.  Students are expected to clean up after themselves and return all used equipment to the proper place.

5.  Practice medications and syringes are not to be taken out of the Nursing Lab at any time.

6.  Any supplies/equipment borrowed from the Nursing Lab must be signed out and in upon its return. 

7.  Students are asked to stay off the beds except when required for lab practice.

8.  The Nursing Lab is not to be used for personal computer use or a social lounge area.

9.  It is the individual student's responsibility to inform the instructor if they have a latex allergy.

10.  Universal Precautions are to be maintained in all laboratory experiences according to the OSHA Standards.

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