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Nursing Lab

The Nursing Labs at Endicott College serve as a learning resource available to all nursing students, faculty, and staff. The labs provides a hands-on environment where students can learn, practice, and demonstrate nursing skills in a safe, supportive environment. The labs are designed to mirror the hospital environment. They contain 5 hospital beds, 4 adult and 3 pediatric mannequins, a networked computer work station, and a multitude of medical equipment and supplies.

The labs are used by faculty to teach nursing skills and procedures, and serve as the classrooms for the Health Assessment Lab course. Students are encouraged to use the labs on an individual basis as well, to assist them in gaining proficiency and confidence with a variety of nursing skills and procedures.


Patient Simulators

Through a recent grant initiative, the Endicott College School of Nursing is proud to welcome SimMan, Nursing Anne, and Nursing Baby Vital Sims. These advanced, interactive patient simulators allow us to provide high fidelity patient simulation. Nursing students have the opportunity to learn and practice a wide range of clinical scenarios that they may not get to experience in the clinical setting.

The patient simulators are equipped with realistic anatomy and clinical functions which include a touch screen patient monitor with display capabilities for HR, BP, RR, PA Pressure, O2 Sat, CXR's, EKG's, Patient History, etc. The mannequins can be operated by laptop computer or PDA. AudioVisual recording and event log capability provides detailed feedback for students and faculty to review their performance.


The Nursing Labs offer open times and drop in hours, as well as scheduled times to coordinate with lab classes. It is also available upon request for additional times as needed. Open hours are posted each month throughout the Nursing Department. Evening and/or weekend hours are scheduled at least once/month as well.

Lab hours are also posted on the lab doors.

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