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Endicott College Internship Stipend

A stipend program is being offered to support travel costs for students completing semester-long internships. The intent of the stipend is to encourage students to take advantage of exceptional internship opportunities that might require students to incur additional transportation costs.


Students must apply for the stipend to receive this benefit. The stipend will only be considered for an internship that is more than 20 miles from the campus if the student is a resident student, or more than 20 miles from their residence if a commuter.

Award Amounts

Commuter Rail to Metro Boston

As of July 2013, students taking the commuter rail to Boston may be approved for stipends up to $475 for the semester. As an additional benefit, students should apply for the Semester T Passes offered by the Student Affairs Office. To apply for the Semester Pass, please contact the Student Affairs Office to obtain the form. Please adhere to the deadlines set by Student Affairs to receive the special rates.

Other Transportation Costs (Driving, Parking, etc.)

For all other transportation costs, stipends may be approved for up to $250 for the semester.

Award Payment Schedule

A credit will be issued to the student’s tuition account. If the student has a credit balance, a refund check will be issued in the student’s name. If a student has an outstanding tuition balance, the credit will be applied towards the outstanding balance.

Internship Stipend Online Application

Class of ’52 Internship Stipend

Endicott College Class of ’52 Internship Fund

Established in 2007 by Estelle Jones, Class of 1952, and her husband Charles, the Class of ’52 Internship Fund supports students enrolled in Semester-Internship, providing a stipend to help defray commuting costs for unpaid internship positions. Through Estelle’s leadership, the Class of 1952 has generously established the funding to offer two awards each year in the amount of $250 each. The awards are made in the junior year for internships to take place in the senior year.

Eligible Candidates must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Must be in their junior year at the time of application, completing the Semester-Internship in September of their senior year (students completing Semester-Internship in the Spring semester of their junior year are not eligible)
  • Must have an approved Internship Proposal at the time of application
  • Must demonstrate financial need for the award (including detail of expected expenses such as commuter rail train pass, the subway pass, gas, and car insurance)
  • The internship must be unpaid.

Class of '52 Internship Stipend Online Application

Award Requirements:

  • Award recipients will write a thank you letter to the donor once the award is accepted.

Key Dates:

Recipients must abide by program requirements throughout the fall semester (interning at an approved semester-internship site in an unpaid position).

  • Deadline: May 9
  • Notification of award recipients: July 1 
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