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Endicott Scholars participate in small, academically challenging and engaging seminars led by Endicott's most dynamic professors. Students accepted to the program as freshmen take HON100 Honors Seminar I in the fall and HON150 Honors Seminar II in the spring. These foundational seminars replace two courses required of all Endicott freshmen: LST100 Seminar in Academic Inquiry and ENG101 College Writing Seminar. Students who are accepted to the Endicott Scholars program as sophomores are required take a one semester foundation course, HON200 Honors Seminar, in the fall of their sophomore year.

All Endicott Scholars, regardless of when they are admitted to the program, take an additional two sections of HON350 Honors Seminar during the sophomore and junior years. Seminar topics change each semester and can include: American Suburbia, Inside your Mind, Lost and Found Media, Philosophy and Pop Culture, Culture & History of Food, Youth and Violence, Reel Representations of the Artist, The Business of Life and The Culture of Heroism.

Through participation in the Endicott Scholars honors seminars, and accompanying activities and events, Endicott Scholars create a community of academic leaders on the Endicott campus. A formal dinner completes each year, recognizing the Endicott Scholars, celebrating the year's seminars and faculty, and paying special tribute to graduating seniors. A senior retreat in January of the final year, during which each Endicott Scholar collects his or her honors work into a portfolio, writes a reflective essay on his or her major field of study, and evaluates the honors experience as a whole, is the culminating academic experience of the program.

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