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Endicott Scholars Honors Program

What makes an Endicott Scholar a scholar?

Scholars believe that college is not just a chance to prepare for a career; it is an opportunity to develop their knowledge and wrestle with new ideas.  They are excited to  explore new ideas outside of their chosen major and to meet Endicott students who are in majors other than their own.

Scholars are ready to work hard to maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA each semester. They recognize that honors courses and their corresponding events are a priority that may take precedence over other extra-curricular commitments such as athletics and jobs.

Scholars understand that the choices they make in and out of the classroom must reflect the highest standards. 

Scholars think of themselves as intellectually curious. They enjoy reading challenging articles, essays, and other material on a variety of topics. They want to learn more about how to be an academic writer and a “scholar.”

Scholars who are most successful in the Endicott Scholars Program pay attention to current events and popular culture. They are interested in writing about and analyzing elements of popular/everyday culture.

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