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Endicott Scholars Honors Program

The Endicott Scholars program is an interdisciplinary honors curriculum that seeks to give Endicott's most ambitious students an opportunity to study topics in depth and from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. The program is very competitive and only a small number of students are selected to join each year. The highest academic standards are expected of Endicott Scholars, including maintenance of a 3.5 cumulative G.P.A. every semester. Current Endicott Scholars describe the program as both intellectually demanding and rewarding.

As participants in the Endicott Scholars program, students:

  • Develop the habit of intellectual curiosity
  • Understand the concepts of "culture" and "theory" from a variety of academic perspectives
  • Identify ways of thinking and knowing within academic and professional disciplines
  • Comprehend challenging readings in primary and secondary sources
  • Write academic papers that are intellectually sound and stylistically proficient
  • Serve as models of intellectual seriousness and courage
  • Assume leadership roles in and out of class

Honors group photo

Endicott Scholars Class of 2014

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