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Endicott College Faculty

Professional, Experienced, and There for Students

Endicott is proud to have a faculty known for their teaching excellence, their experience in the working world, and their genuine care and concern for students' well-being and success. The College takes pride in its commitment to instruction and its attentiveness to the individual needs of students.

The size of the Endicott College student body allows the ratio of faculty to students to be just one to fourteen. Instructors get to know their students well and can advise them on a frequent basis, both in regard to classwork and career goals. Each instructor has posted conference hours and most serve as academic advisors.

Faculty Spotlight

Excellence in Teaching Award 2015

The Excellence in Teaching Award, voted on by the graduating class, goes to Dr. Richard Nastasi.  Dr. Nastasi has been a professor in the School of Sport Science and Fitness Studies since 1996 and received his doctoral degree from the Department of Curriculum and Teaching at Boston University. Previous to his appointment at Endicott, he served as an assistant professor in human movement and sport sciences at the University of Ballarat in Victoria, Australia and as a lecturer in curriculum and teaching at Boston University. Dr. Nastasi’s early career experiences as a teacher, coach, and athletic director have informed his current teaching and research.  His academic interests include the study of heroism in literature, the integration of sport and philosophy into an empowering academic framework, and the application of constructivist theories in the physical education classroom.


Dr. Nastasi has published scholarly journal articles, co-edited international proceedings, and written book chapters on management ethics, scholarship, and constructivism. He has presented papers at regional and national conferences and has given international presentations in Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.  In addition, Dr. Nastasi has delivered plenary addresses on “Character Education and Sport” in Australia and on “Scholarship Reconsidered: A Sport Research Perspective” in Portugal and is currently co-authoring a book on the role of compassion in wellness education.  Dr. Nastasi serves as advisor to the Endicott College Oratory Society, which participates annually in the Harvard University Model United Nations program. 


While he once was an intercollegiate basketball and baseball player, Dr. Nastasi now limits himself to recreational basketball and jogging.  Dr. Nastasi and his wife Sarah live in Reading, Massachusetts and have two sons Frank and Charles.  Charles an Endicott graduate.

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