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Endicott College - School of Communication Curriculum Requirements

Although requirements in the majors for the School of Communication vary, most students will take the following as core requirements. For more detail about an individual course, please refer to the Endicott College Academic Catalog.

CMM100 Media Aesthetics

CMM379 Semester Internship Strategies

CMM106 Media and Culture I


CMM380 Media Ethics and Law

CMM107 Media and Culture II

CMM400 Contemporary Issues in Media Studies

CMM207 Writing for the Media

CMM480 Semester Internship/Communication

CMM306 Social Impact of the Media

CMM489 Senior Thesis I

CMM370 Communication Research Methods

CMM490 Senior Thesis II


School of Communication Majors


Marketing Communication

Digital Journalism

Digital Film Making Concentration


School of Communication Minor

  Communication   Internet Studies
  Digital Journalism    

Bachelor of Science in Communication

CMM103    Advertising Fundamentals

CMM110    Introduction to Digital Film Making

CMM115    Introduction to Social Media

CMM203    Public Relations

CMM211    Introduction to Journalism

CMM315    Global Mass Communication

CMM345    Media and Cultural Studies

CMM400    Contemporary Issues in Media Studies (taken a second time in a different topic)

CMM elective above the 300 level


Bachelor of Science in Digital Journalism

CMM110    Introduction to Digital Film Making

CMM211    Introduction to Journalism

CMM260    Broadcast Journalism

CMM338    Feature Writing

CMM360    Podcast Journalism

CMM361    Digital Journalism

CMM381    Journalism Law and Ethics (taken in lieu of CMM380)

CMM401    Multi-Media Storytelling

POL213     American Government and Politics


Bachelor of Science in Marketing Communication

BUS200     Marketing

BUS403     Integrated Marketing Communication

CMM103    Advertising Fundamentals

CMM203    Public Relations

CMM204    Promotional Writing

CMM335    Social Media and Marketing

CMM405    Campaign Planning and Client Services

CMM415    Creative Portfolio Development

VC105        Introduction to Computer Graphics


Digital Film Making Concentration

    In addition to the Communication core courses, students chose seven (7) from the following:

            CMM110    Introduction to Digital Film Making

            CMM230    The Contemporary TV Industry

            CMM255    Writing for the Screen

            CMM281    TV Studio Production I

            CMM282    TV Studio Production II

            CMM374    Advanced Digital Film Making: Documentary & Narrative

            CMM410    Contemporary Techniques in Digital Film Making

            CMM425    Engaging Clients Through Digital Filmmaking


Minor in Communication

CMM100    Media Aesthetics

CMM106    Media and Culture I

 or  CMM107    Media and Culture II (This course can be taken without completing CMM106)

CMM306    Social Impact of the Media

CMM380    Media Ethics and Law

(2) Communication Electives


Minor in Digital Journalism

CMM211 Intro to Journalism

CMM260 Broadcast Journalism

CMM338 Feature Writing                                                

CMM360 Podcast Journalism or  CMM401 Multi-Media Story Telling

CMM361 Digital Journalism                          

CMM 381 Journalism Law & Ethics


Minor in Internet Studies

CSC101 Introduction to Computer Science                                               

CMM115 Intro to Social Media             

CMM335 Social Media and Marketing        

CMM345 Media and Cultural Studies

CMM350 Digital Story Telling: Blogging And Podcasting                         

CMM432 The Dark Side of the Internet
            CMM281    TV Studio Production I
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