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School of Communication

Students entering the School of Communication at Endicott College can choose from three majors and one concentration that will provide entry into the multi-faceted field of modern communication. State-of-the-art technology, knowledgeable faculty, and high academic standards combine to produce graduates prepared to enter the ever-changing fields of communication.

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The majors and concentration in the School reflect the diversity of the field of Communication. Students in the School of Communication are provided with a solid academic background that promotes written and critical thinking skills, as well as theoretical and applied knowledge. Graduates will find themselves in a position to take leadership roles in any of the disciplines aligned with the field of communication. The ever-evolving School of Communication provides three exciting and demanding majors (Communication, Digital Media, and Marketing Communication); each of which are a starting point for a career in our dynamic, ever changing world.

Opportunities for intense, professional application in individual interest areas are available through a series of internships, including the semester-long internship, and the senior thesis in the final year. 

Communication (B.S.)

Endicott students in Digital Filmaking Class

The Bachelor of Science in Communication is a more general program, giving students the opportunity to explore each of the other Communication programs offered at Endicott College (Digital Journalism, Marketing Communication, and Digital Film Making) as well as topics exploring the internet and computer-mediated communication.

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Digital Journalism

Endicott student in digital media lab

Journalism, in its many forms, from broadcast and print to online publications holds a significant historical and social presence world-wide. These courses provide students with a look at the way the "news of the day" is communicated as well as the way our reality is constructed via the media.

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Marketing Communication

Marketing Communication - students working in the digital media center

Students who study Marketing Communication take a variety of classes that touch all aspects of this complex industry, including advertising, public relations, and integrated marketing.

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