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Business Minors

Business Administration

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Business Administration Minor

Program Requirements

Students are required to take a minimum of 18 credits.

  • 300-400 Level BUS Electives    (Cr: 9)

Required Courses

ACC 175 - Financial Accounting (Cr: 3)
BUS 125 - Business Fundamentals for Non-Business Majors (Cr: 3)
BUS 200 - Marketing (Cr: 3)
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Life Science Building
Curtis L. Gerrish School of Business

Design of the Curtis L. Gerrish School of Business promotes Endicott's model of collaborative learning, which mirrors the interactive, innovative practices characteristic of today's corporate settings. The wing houses high-tech resources, state-of-the-art team building labs, interactive multimedia classrooms, and dedicated internship and career development support services.

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