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Seminar in Academic Inquiry

Students enroll in Seminar in Academic Inquiry during the first semester of study at Endicott College.

"This Seminar has taught me to manage time, develop reading skills, research skills, and using available resources." - First Year Student

Course Description

Introduces students to college-level academic discourse and provides them opportunities to hone foundational skills that they will use throughout their undergraduate career and beyond.  The course helps students develop critical thinking and reading skills, the ability to find and use sources to deepen understanding of topics, and the capacity to form and defend positions on issues.

Course Objectives

The primary objectives of Seminar in Academic Inquiry are to:

  • Use the resources available to them to help promote library literacy and academic success.
  • Develop critical reading skills.
  • Analyze information for understanding and critical inquiry.
  • Describe the context of a problem: historical, cultural, theoretical, legal, social, geopolitical, economical, or other.
  • Formulate a point of view and support a position.

Seminar in Academic Inquiry: Example of Course Themes and Readings

Students are expected to read a minimum of 50 pages per week in Seminar in Academic Inquiry. Seminar readings include works from the following categories:

  • Theoretical based materials relating to the course theme

  • Research or academic articles relating to the course theme

  • Cultural works relating to the course theme: poetry, novels, biographies, life stories

  • Non-written materials relating to the course theme: music, art, and interactive media

"This Seminar has taught me to enjoy the journey, observe the world around me, and keep an open mind."
- First Year Student

"This Seminar has taught me to look at things differently instead of always just in one-way and to voice my own ideas." - First Year Student

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