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Biotechnology is Changing the World. Start your career in Biotech at Endicott College

Biotechnology is simply considered "today's biology" and involves a combination of biology and chemistry with an emphasis on high technology.  Discoveries and applications related to biotechnology affect society greatly as they contribute to health and medicine, food and nutrition improvement, energy solutions, nanotechnology, environmental cleanup and management, agriculture, vaccine development/biowarfare preparedness, forensics, bioinformatics, drug discovery and more.  We now live in the "post-genome era," as the human genome (all of our genetic information) has been sequenced.  Due to such incredible advances, Biotechnology is considered the third technological revolution and is expected to change the world as much as was experienced with the industrial and the computer/IT revolutions. 

The B.S. Biology and Biotechnology ("Bio/Biotech") major at Endicott College offers students a progressive biology education comprised of cutting-edge technical training within a comprehensive curriculum framework.  Bio/Biotech lecture and laboratory courses provide the knowledge and the methodological skills needed for success in this important and broad field.  Students work closely with our faculty, who are experts in their fields.  The B.S. Bio/Biotech program ensures that graduates understand all aspects of this explosion in science and promises to enrich the education of all Endicott students - in a world increasingly influenced by biotechnology discovery and application. 

Optional Bio/Biotech Program Concentrations:

  • Pre-Professional. Benefit from being a Bio/Biotech student but also be Pre-Med, Pre-Vet, Pre-Dental (and thus be positioned for many other professional school options).
  • Environmental Science. For Bio/Biotech students interested in scientific advances that relate to environmental issues. 

Careers:  Bio/Biotech graduates will find exciting career opportunities in the rapidly expanding biotech and pharmaceutical industries - particularly in the Boston area.  A range of exciting jobs and discipline fields await Bio/Biotech graduates:

  • Research Scientist/Biomedical Engineer
  • DNA Forensics
  • Physician
  • Environmental Scientist (e.g. bioremediation to clean up toxic sites)
  • Genetic Counselor
  • Bioinformatics (blend of biology and computing)
  • Patent Law
  • FDA Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Trials Coordinator
  • Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry Administration/Management
  • Government Lobbyist
  • Drug Company Production, Quality Control
  • Pharmaceutical Company Sales Representative

Important Facts about the Biotechnology Industry and Opportunities in Boston/North Shore MA

  • Boston is the center of a $300 billion + industry
  • Approximately 300 biotech companies in/around Boston (national leader)
  • Biotech-related companies in the North Shore area include:
    • New England Biolabs
    • Praecis, Inc.
    • Cell Signaling Technology
    • BioHelix, Inc.
    • CutisPharma
    • Beckman Coulter Genomics
    • Biotech companies located in the Cummings Center in Beverly: Hamilton Thorne Biosciences, Neurological Models, Meiogen Biotechnology, Inotek Pharmaceuticals, ZymeQuest, Incyte, Microline, Natural Pharmaceuticals, and more...

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