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Academic Overview

Arts and Sciences division majors are designed to offer both breadth and depth, combining the advantages of a liberal arts education with practical experience in the world of work. Through the Arts and Sciences students learn to think independently, develop problem-solving skills and communicate effectively. Learning about the world through literature, psychology, languages, the sciences and other academic disciplines enables the student to excel in any career field. This intellectual flexibility is an asset in today's world, especially since most people enter three separate career fields in the course of a lifetime.

Hands-on experience through internships offer Arts and Sciences majors distinct academic and professional advantages. Students interested in psychology or human services experience work in a variety of social service settings including telephone hotlines, probation and social work agencies, drug rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, schools serving children with special needs, centers for victims of domestic abuse, and more. Those interested in writing do so at newspapers or in publishing firms. All levels of government welcome interns interested in criminal justice, history and political science. Medical settings ranging from hospitals to public health clinics have been rewarding internship sites for those interested in the sciences. Professional and internship opportunities are limited only by the imagination of the student.

College Laptop Requirement
All incoming freshmen are required to bring laptops to campus. Specifications regarding appropriate models can be found on the Information Technology Hardware Recommendations web page.

Arts & Sciences

Bachelor of Science Applied Mathematics
Bachelor of Science Bioengineering
Bachelor of Science Biology and Biotechnology
Bachelor of Science Computer Science
Bachelor of Science Criminal Justice
Bachelor of Arts English
Bachelor of Science Environmental Science
Bachelor of Arts History
Bachelor of Arts International Studies
Bachelor of Arts Liberal Studies
Bachelor of Science Political Science
Bachelor of Science Psychology


American Studies 
Applied Mathematics
Computer Science
Creative Writing 
Criminal Justice
Environmental Science
Gender Studies
Human Services
International Studies

Legal Studies
Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution
Political Science
Professional Writing
Religious Studies
Security Studies








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