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Student Support Center

The Student Support Center offers professional learning assistance and facilitation two hours per week, scheduled according to students' availability. This aid helps students grasp course content and develop learning strategies that will enable them to be in control of their own education. Students work with the same learning consultant twice a week during the semester in a mentoring relationship.  Any student from any degree program is eligible to participate in the Student Support Center.The Student Support Center is available each semester for an additional fee.


The Student Support Center offers the following services for its participants:

      • Help with note taking, textbook management, research, and study skills
      • Aid in time management
      • Aid in building test preparation skills
      • Assistance in keeping organized and on track in courses
      • Assistance in developing critical thinking skills
      • Guidance in writing papers and in understanding course content

Relevant Materials/Resources

To find out more about the Student Support Center, view our brochure, or if you are interested in enrolling with the Student Support Center, fill-out and submit our student agreement/contract (Attn: Kathy Bloomfield) to or via FAX @ (978) 232-2150.

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