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When you are looking for guidance on specific topics, this is a good place to start. These are Teaching Tips produced by the CTE for our faculty. You can also find training videos on instructional technology at our YouTube channel. There are also three other great sites where you can find articles on teaching and learning. They are (1) the IDEA Center, (2) the University of Michigan CRLT's Occasional Papers, and (3) Michigan State University's Online Instructional Resources

If you would like hellp finding information on teaching and learning, please contact the Director of the CTE at



Writing Learning Outcomes: The ABCD model of writing learning outcomes, and  description of some of the terminology that might be used.


Instructional Design


Flipping Your Course: Student-centered instruction and what it means to "flip" your course. Includes information on using online elements for your face-to-face (f2f) course. Also includes information on what one might call blended learning, hybrid learning and/or augmented learning.

The First Day of Class: Ideas for getting ready for a new class, what to do on the first day, and how to keep the energy going for the next class.

Effective Practices for Large Classes: Most of our classes here at Endicott are small ones, but here are some ideas if you find yourself teaching a large class.

Signs You are in the Right Class: Signs of a great class to be found in the first day of class, in the syllabus, and as the class progresses. This was originally written in response to an article entitled 10 Warning Signs of a Bad Professor in the U.S. News & World Report (Jan. 23, 2010). I reframed this as a positive list entitled, “Ten Signs You are in the Right Class” and it was originally hosted at Hawaii Pacific University. It can also be found at my blog, Docendo Discimus.

Students Requesting Accommodation: How to help students who have requested accommodation. 

The Last Day of Class: How to make the last class of the semester a memorable one by either creating a culminating experience or a transition to future learning. Thanks to Anabella Martínez (Directora del Centro para la Excelencia Docente, Universidad del Norte, República de Colombia) and Sergio Inestrosa (Professor of Spanish, Endicott College), we now have a Spanish version of this tip sheet, entitled, El Ultima Dia de Clase.


Teaching with Technology


DigitalMediaAccessibility: A collection of links to help add accessibility to specific tools, explain screen readers, and to evaluate accessibility.

Effective Use of Power Point: Creating exciting, meaningful PowerPoint presentations. Also, how to give better presentations using the principles of PowerPoint Zen.

Laptops in the Classroom: Ways to shape student use of laptops and mobile devices in the classroom, to the students' benefit.

Feedback and Backchannels with Clickers and Cellphones: Gathering feedback in your class. Several methods are offered and the advantages to their use in specific cases is addressed. Includes show of hands, clickers, online polling (with cell phones, etc.), and Twitter backchannels.

Discussion Online: Instructor roles, online discussion protocols, sample rubrics for forum entries and responses, and alternatives to discussion forums.

Developing a Sense of Community Online: Adding social presence to an online class is essential to maintain equivalency with face-to-face (F2F) classes.

Creating a WordPress Blog: Creating an online journal that you can share with your students. A private blog shared by you and your students is recommended.

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