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Center for Teaching Excellence Resources On-Campus

This page is intended as a guide to the various resources available on campus to support the efforts of yourself and your students in their classes. If you are new on campus, please read through all of these as part of your orientation process.

Supporting Teaching Excellence

The Center for Teaching Excellence offers instructional workshops, one-on-one confidential consulting, focus groups, reading circles, and other services related to teaching and learning. It also organizes new faculty orientation and oversees faculty mentoring for new full-time faculty. 

Dakin Burdick
Want to learn more? Download an introduction to the Center for Teaching Excellence & its service by Dakin Burdick (Director, Center for Teaching Excellence).
Dakin Burdick on the CTE


The CTE maintains four online resources to supplement and augment training on-campus. Our YouTube channel links to a variety of videos about teaching and teaching with technology. The Director's blog discusses teaching in some depth. The Twitter channel serves primarily to share news of interest to instructors. The Diigo Library contains several thousand links to items of potential interest.

There are a variety of Faculty Resources available in GullNet, our Learning Management System. Please take a few moments to visit that site and look through the materials there. You must be logged into GullNet to access any page on GullNet. If you get a blank screen asking for a login, first login and then go to the Faculty Resources tab. Once there, you'll see a list of topics along the left hand side of the screen, starting with Academic Integrity and going down to Writing. Click on one of those and you'll see a number of sub-topics in portlets. GullNet portlets allow one to distribute either "Handouts" (which may include Word documents, PowerPoints, MP3s, Movies, etc.) or "Bookmarks" (which are links). If you are looking for a particular piece of information and are having trouble finding it, please email

There is also a Faculty page in GullNet, which includes some committee reports. The rest of the committee reports are on the Intranet, which also includes college forms and other internal documents. There are two other computer systems with which you should be familiar. COAST is the system where you will enter grades, identify your textbooks, oversee student internships, get class lists, check enrollments, and get information for student advising. If you do not yet have passwords that allow you access to GullNet, COAST, and the Intranet, please contact the IT Help Desk.

Human Resources

Getting Started at Endicott College is a web page put together by Human Resources to provide easy access to information, resources and policies.

Helping Students Learn

The Center for Teaching and Learning is home to a variety of programs to help your students learn. Additional materials are available on GullNet on the Center for Teaching and Learning tab.

EC101, also known as Endicott Transitions, is a one credit course that is required for all incoming freshmen. The class helps students to acclimate to a college setting while teaching them to develop social skills and academic responsibility. Students become familiar with the Endicott mission, school traditions, and school policies and procedures. The class is a beneficial way for freshmen to meet other members of their class and delve into the Endicott community. Although the class is graded on a pass/fail system, students are expected to attend all classes and complete all assignments. Many of the assignments are used to assist students in understanding their development as a person and as a college student. Moreover, before coming to campus for the beginning of the fall semester, students taking EC 101 are expected to have read the same, pre-assigned book that will be the basis of class discussions throughout the semester.

The Endicott Scholars Honors Program is an interdisciplinary honors curriculum.

Disability Services includes a list of services and resources available to students with disabilities. Students with learning disabilities need to self-identify and provide appropriate verification to the Disabilities Coordinator in order to receive accommodations for those disabilities. Additional forms, handouts and resources can be found on the Disability Services page on GullNet.

The Student Support Program provides professional assistance for two hours per week for students wishing further assistance. More information is available on the Student Support Program page on Gullnet.

Licensure Examination Prep offers intensive workshops and tutoring for students preparing to pass the Massachusetts Tests of Educator Licensure.

Want to learn more? Download an interview with Kathy Bloomfield (Associate Director, Center for Teaching and Learning) in which she discusses the Student Support Program & Licensure Examination Preparation.           
Interview with Kathy Bloomfield

Tutoring Services provides free tutoring in every discipline and is staffed by both nationally certified peer tutors and professional tutors. Additional forms and handouts can be found on the Tutoring Services page on GullNet.

Allison Muise
Want to learn more? Download an interview with Allison Muise (Assistant Director, Center for Teaching and Learning) in which she discusses Tutoring Services.
Interview with Allison Muise

Writing Support

Endicott’s Writing Center is a wonderful resource for students wanting to improve their writing. Located in the Halle Library, the Writing Center provides free personal tutors for students of all skill levels. Students meet with a tutor who works with them to help students to identify both their strengths and weaknesses within their writing and also understand how to improve their writing. The tutors do not edit the student’s work, and do not do the student’s work for them. Recommend that students visit the Writing Center no matter what stage of writing the student is in, whether simply brainstorming the topic, organizing notes, developing ideas, citing sources, or doing final edits. Even your strongest students can benefit, so encourage all of them to take advantage of this resource.

Below are instructions you can share with your students about how to use the Writing Center: Log onto the Writing Center Web page and click on the "WCOnline" image in the middle of the page. If this is your first visit to the Writing Center, you will be prompted to register online with the Center. If you have used the Center before, just log in with your email and password that you previously created. When it is time for your appointment, please go to the Halle Library, Room 126, to speak with the tutor. Sending copies of your writing assignments and rubrics to the Writing Center will help the tutors help your students.

If you decide to require students to attend the Writing Center, or if you would like to otherwise customize the relationship between your class and the Writing Center, please contact or call 978-232-2237 (on campus dial x2237).

Library Support

The Diane M. Halle Library is located at the center of the main campus and is part of the North of Boston Library Exchange (NOBLE). The librarians have put together a number of guides for your benefit, including Library Basics, The Noble Book Catalog, and Library Databases. They also have prepared a guides for students on Senior Thesis I. Reading through those guides will give you a good introduction to Library resources here at Endicott College. Start your search looking in the Halle Library catalog on the North of Boston Library Exchange (NOBLE). If you can't find it there, just widen your search to the entire NOBLE catalog. Books ordered through NOBLE will be delivered to the Halle Library so you can pick them up on campus. If the book is not available through NOBLE, look on WorldCat, which lists the 1.5 billion items currently available through library systems around the world. If it is not in the NOBLE catalog, you may be able to order both books and journal articles through Interlibrary Loan. If you would like some help, contact Reference Services at 978-232-2268. Looking for digital repositories? The Library has a list of the Databases to which it subscribes. NOBLE has also created a Subject Index, and if you have your eCard from the Boston Public Library, you will also be able to access the Electronic Resources they have. You may wish to put a particular reading on Course Reserve or check to see if the Library subscribes to one of your disciplinary journals. Whatever question you have, just Contact the Library.

Want to learn more? Download an interview with Brian Courtemanche (Director, Diane M. Halle Library) in which he discusses library services for faculty members.
Interview with Brian Courtemanche

Academic Technology

Contact Academic Technology if you have a question about GullNet. GullNet is our course management tool. It gives instructors as a protected space where faculty members and students can share course materials, readings, syllabi, assignments, quizzes and tests. Academic Technology also oversees Media Services, which over sees technology in most classrooms on campus, and Computer Lab Support and the Mediated & Smart Classrooms, which feature permanently installed technologies. The Scangas Digital Media Center is a resource center for students, faculty and staff for the creation of all forms of digital media and the home of Endicott College Television (ECTV). Academic Technology also offers Workshops & Training

Want to learn more? Download an interview with Kent Barclay (Assistant Dean, Academic Technology) in which he discusses resources for faculty members.            
Interview with Kent Barclay

Information Technology

Information Technology manages all administrative systems, the campus infrastructure, and the campus network. They also oversee the One Card (Gull Card) office, the help desk, and web development. All new faculty are provided with access to C.O.A.S.T. and GullNet. C.O.A.S.T., the campus online administrative and student transaction system, gives students access to grades, schedules, online class registration, and transcripts.

The Information Technology Help Desk is the place to look for answers to technology questions. Information Technology is located on the first floor of College Hall and can be contacted at (978) 232-2048.

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