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Hardware Recommendations

Laptop Program

The 2014 packages are now available for purchase.

College Laptop Purchase Package*
(*Note: This link takes you to an external website not maintained by Endicott College. This website is maintained by our vendor partner, Micros Northeast. Endicott College accepts no responsibility for the content, availability, viewpoints, products or services that are offered on external websites.)

Hardware Recommendations

All incoming students are required to bring a laptop to campus that meets the specifications of their respective majors. Students may use the specifications and the recommendations below to purchase a laptop of their choice, or they may take advantage of the College Laptop Purchase Package*

Please note: Students in the Interior DesignVisual Communications and Business Programs have specific purchase requirements.

New Computer Recommendations

If you are considering the purchase of a new machine, please refer to our recommendations for New Windows Systems and New Macintosh Systems.

Windows 3.1, 95, 98, Mac OS 9 and lower, and Unix operating systems are NO LONGER supported at Endicott. (We will not be able to assist you if you have problems with these systems.)

When bringing your computer system to college, it is a good idea to also bring along all of the manuals, driver diskettes, and other things that may have come with your computer.

  • Operating System Installation CD (e.g. for Windows XP, Vista or 7, or MacOS) and the license certificate that came with it, verifying that you own a license for the operating system.
  • Diskettes, CDs, and manuals for your computer and its peripherals; i.e. CD-ROMs, Ethernet cards, removable media (flash drives, etc.) special keyboards, special mice or trackball devices.
  • Sales receipt for your computer in case warranty work needs to be done.
  • Technical support phone numbers necessary to troubleshoot problems. 
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