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GullNet Help

GullNet Help

If you forget your GullNet username or password, the procedure is to bring a picture ID to either the IT Help Desk in College Hall or Kent Barclay's office, AC015 in the Wax Center to receive your username /password information in person. We CANNOT give it out through either email or phone call/voice message.

Getting Started with GullNet - Including Logging In, Accessing Your Courses and Uploading Handouts

Click on the GullNet link on the Endicott Home Page, this will take you to the GullNet login screen where you can enter your username and password in the upper left.

After you login, you'll see the following opening GullNet Disclaimer Screen.


Read the disclaimer and click on "OK". This will bring you to the GullNet Home Page. You'll notice there are three tabs at the top, "Academics", "Student Life" and "My Pages". These tabs are sometimes called "Contexts".

Screen After Login

Accessing Your Courses

There are three ways to access course information and course sites. One is the "My Courses" link on the left hand menu. This link is only available if you are teaching or taking a course in the current semester.

My Courses in Quick Links


The second way allows access to your current courses as well as your courses that are not registered for the current semester. You can use this to access your past, present or future courses. Click on the "Find Courses" tab at the top

Find Courses Tab 

Your next screen will have two "Portlets" called "All My Courses" and "Course Search". The default view of the "All My Courses" portlet shows all the courses you are currently teaching or taking.

All My Courses Portlet

You can also select "Past" or "Future" courses from the drop down menu. Click on the course name to link to that course site.

Past Courses Portlet

This takes you to the Main Page of that course. You can click on the "Course Information" link on the left to get more detailed information about the course.

Course Information

Then you can click back on "Main Page" to return.

Main Page Link

Also on this page is the "Course Search" portlet which allows you to search for any course site using the faculty member's name, course title or course number. *(Note: Unless the faculty member has opened up the permissins to allow you full access to their course, you will only be able to see the basic course information page.)

Course Search Portlet

The third way is to Start by clicking on the "Academics" tab at the top.

Then click on the "Courses" link in the left hand menu and follow the steps as described above.

Courses Link


Uploading Handouts

From the Main Page, click on "Handouts" to post any handout material for your class.

Handouts Link

The "Handouts" screen will look like this. Notice that the default header for any handouts is "Ungrouped Items". You may change the name or create new groups to organize your handouts.


You can click on either the "Manage" button for a drop down that will allow you to add or edit and organize, or you can click on the " " to add handouts or the  to edit and organize groups.

A look at the "Handouts" drop down menu.

When you click on "Add a Handout" or the   icon, you'll see this screen. Click on "Browse" to open your own set of folders to find the file you want to upload. Select your file, give it a name, type in a description of the file if you like, select the set you want to add it to and click on "Save" to complete the upload.

This will get you started, watch this space for more tutorials covering different GullNet topics.

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