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5th Year Graduate Programs

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Endicott College is proud to announce new and revamped 5 year programs. Undergraduate students at Endicott College who choose these options may complete master’s degrees in business, education, interior design, and nursing within one academic year of their bachelor’s degree graduation. Specific conditions and requirements are described below. 

Students need to apply to the program of their choice in their Junior year, and should contact the person(s) listed beneath each program below.


The 5th year M.Ed. allows students graduating from Endicott’s licensure programs in early childhood and elementary education to move directly into a master’s degree in either moderate disabilities (pre-K – 8) or reading and literacy (all grades). During the senior year, students begin to take courses that will count toward their master’s degree and, through a year of full-time study, are able to complete their M.Ed. by the summer after graduation. Both our master’s degree programs count toward professional licensure in Massachusetts.

A student who completes the teacher licensure program in early childhood or elementary education may reduce the length of the Master of Education in Special Needs (license area: moderate disabilities – pre-K – 8) as well as Reading and Literacy (license area: Reading Specialist – all grades).  The following conditions apply:

  • Complete the application process for the Master of Education program at the end of the junior year.
  • Successfully complete the practicum experience in early childhood or elementary education as part of their undergraduate studies program.
  • Successfully pass the General Curriculum MTEL by spring of senior year (for the moderate disabilities program only).
  • The ED 581 Technology in Education course required in the graduate programs will be waived because the student will have completed ED 210 Integrating Technology into the Classroom as part of their undergraduate studies program.
  • If the student begins taking courses in the summer term following May graduation they may complete the program in one year if they attend on a full-time basis.
  • Students pursuing the Reading Specialist license must complete the Reading Specialist MTEL prior to completing the master’s program.

For information on the Education degree program contact:

Dr. Sara Quay
Dean, School of Education &
Director, Endicott Scholars Program
(978) 232-2323

Interior Design

The 5th year program in Interior Design allows students graduating from Endicott College’s Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA)-accredited baccalaureate program to move directly into the Master of Arts degree program in Interior Design. Upon application, meeting eligibility criteria, successful completion of all coursework in the undergraduate Interior Design curriculum, and through a year of full-time study, students are able to complete the MA in Interior Design program in May. Endicott College students will be exempt from ID 588 Thesis I (1 cr.), ID 575 Design Firm Management (1 cr.), ID 530 Psychology of Place (2 cr.), and ID 503 Precedent Studio II (2 cr.) at the graduate level.

A student who completes their Bachelor of Science in Interior Design at Endicott College may reduce the length of the Master of Arts in Interior Design.  The following conditions apply:

  • Maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA by the end of their junior year.
  • Complete the application process for the Master of Arts in Interior Design at the end of their junior year.
  • Successfully pass ID 490 Thesis II.
  • The graduate courses that follow will be waived for students in this program:
        ID 530   Psychology of Place (3 cr.)
        ID 588   Thesis I (1 cr.)
        ID 503   Precedent Studio II (1 cr.)
        ID 575   Design Firm Management (1 cr.)
    This represents a savings of 6 graduate credits due to similar content taken at the undergraduate level.
  • The student may complete the remainder of their degree requirements in the fall and spring semesters if they attend on a full-time basis.

For information on the Interior Design degree contact:

Kevin Renz
Associate Dean of Interior Design & Sustainable Design
Visual and Performing Arts


The 5th year program in nursing allows students graduating from Endicott College’s baccalaureate program in nursing to move into the Master’s degree program in nursing education or nursing administration. Upon application and meeting eligibility criteria, students take two graduate level courses in the senior year. After successful completion of their nurse licensure examination, students will continue coursework in the late summer following graduation and will complete the Master’s program in May. 

A student who completes the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program at Endicott may reduce the length of the Master of Science in Nursing program by fulfilling the following conditions:

  • Maintain a 3.3 grade point average by the end of the junior year.
  • Complete the application process for the Master of Science in Nursing program at the end of the junior year.
  • Successfully complete two Master-level course requirements in the senior year: NUR 502 Contemporary Issues and Trends in Health Care and NUR 504 Managing Operations, Finance, and Risk. The student must achieve a minimum
    grade of B-.
  • In June and July following graduation from the B.S. in Nursing degree program, the student must successfully pass the NCLEX exam and obtain an RN license; and submit a nursing license that is current and unrestricted and an official undergraduate transcript.

The research methods course, NUR 574 Nursing Research I: Methods, will be waived. The remaining courses leading to the Master of Science degree are offered late summer, fall, winter, and spring terms so the Master’s candidate can complete the program of study in one intensive academic year following completion of the Bachelor’s degree.

For information on the Nursing degree contact:

Kelly Fisher
Dean, School of Nursing 

The Intensive, Full-time MBA

Endicott offers an option for those individuals who wish to pursue their studies immediately upon graduation. Classes are held in the mornings and afternoons, over a traditional semester format. Students engage in intensive course work and field study during the full-time course of study.
Full-time study in the MBA program is offered to those with business degree undergraduate backgrounds, as well as those with Bachelor degrees in other areas. Degree requirements and curriculum content may differ based upon the student’s prior education and experience.

Program of Study


BUA 507 Organizational Behavior (3 cr.)
BUA 527 Financial Management and Control (3 cr.)
BUA 531 Managerial Accounting (3 cr).
BUA 532 Quantitative Methods for Decision Makers (3 cr.)
BUA 535 Managerial Economics (3 cr.)
BUA 541 Marketing Management (3 cr.)
BUA 562 Management Tool sin the E-Business Environment (3 cr).
BUA 578 IT in Management (3 cr).
Total prerequisite requirements 24 cr.

Note: Up to 24 credits of the listed prerequisites may be waived if the student can demonstrate completion of the above courses or equivalent, with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 at the undergraduate level through an official transcript.

Required Curriculum

Fall Semester

BUA 510 Accounting from a Manager’s Perspective (3 cr.)
BUA 520 Managing in the Evolving Workplace (3 cr).
BUA 521 Financial Reporting and Analysis (3 cr).
BUA 535 Managerial Economics (3 cr.)
MKT 553 Digital Marketing (3 cr).

Intersession: January

BUA 508 Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics (3 cr.)
BUA 543 Leadership in Information Technology (3 cr.)

Spring Semester

ENTP 513 Entrepreneurial Enterprise (3 cr.)
BUA 542 Operations and Logistics Management (3 cr.)
INBS 570 International Business Negotiation (3 cr.)
BUA 575 Field Study: Consulting Project Seminar (3 cr.)
BUA 587 Business Policy and Strategy (3 cr.)

Total required credits (cannot be waived) 36 cr.

Total degree requirements 60 cr.

For Information on the MBA degree contact:

 Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies

Richard Benedetto
Associate Dean Graduate Programs
TJ Hanratty
Director, MBA Curriculum and Online Programs
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