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The Student Government Association (SGA) is an advocate for the Endicott College student body, and acts as a liaison for students to the Administration, the Faculty and the Alumni. This organization seeks to accomplish the vision of the college for the total development of the individual within the community, specifically pertaining to extracurricular activities. Student Government develops, strengthens and oversees communication between campus organizations and the student body. The organization offers opportunities for leadership development, involvement and personal growth within the Endicott College Community, all the while aligning with the mission of the college to support undergraduate students in their pursuit of knowledge.

Learn more about the structure and purpose of SGA in our organizations constitution. Click here!

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Student Government Association
Executive Board   
Katie Yeaton                 SGA President
Kevin Duffy Executive Vice President
Chelsea Haley  Vice President
Maria Battista Vice President

Class of 2015
President                   Sheila Hurley
Vice President Amber Russell
Treasurer Kaitlyn Lavoie
Secretary Amy Heacox

Class of 2016            
President Sarah McDonald
Vice President Heyley Leonbruno
Treasurer Taylor Potter
Secretary Erin Westerman
Representative Jamie Corda
Representative Abbey Murphy
Representative Rebecca Stoogenke

Class of 2017             

President James Medici
Vice President Medeline Sachs
Treasurer Kenny Wu
Representative Luke Rivers
Representative Makenzie Roberts
Class of 2018             
President Bailey Schoefer
Vice President Christopher Horack
Treasurer Conner Couchot
Secretary Bianca Palumbo
Representative Courtney Brown
Representative James Dwyer

Twitter Handles:

Facebook “Groups”:
• Endicott College Class of 2015
• Endicott College Class of 2016 
• Endicott College Class of 2017 
• Endicott College Class of 2018  

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