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New Student Orientation

Van Loan School

Newly enrolled Van Loan School students can easily access the Online Orientation by clicking here. Meet your advisors, programs directors, and learn more how we can help throughout your entire program.

Undergraduate College

Endicott College provides two opportunities to assist newly admitted students and their families in the transition to higher education academics, campus life, and the Endicott community. The Endicott experience begins with Summer Orientation where new students and their families participate in an intensive, overnight orientation program. The summer orientation is designed to assist students in building relationships critical to their success at Endicott College. Workshops and interactive sessions engage students and their families in academic and co-curricular activities, thus introducing new students to Endicott’s standards and expectations for academic progress and community involvement. Students are also introduced to their summer reading assignment which is designed to unite them in a shared intellectual discourse. Finally, orientation allows the College an opportunity to answer student and family questions and concerns before the academic year starts in order to ease the transition to Endicott.

Prior to the start of classes, Fall Orientation allows students to participate in numerous activities that will help them take active roles in their education and to get involved in their new community. Fall Orientation assists students with the academic transition for life on campus. During Fall Orientation, students meet with faculty and staff, enhancing their understanding of their respective Schools and programs. Students will also have the opportunity to review their schedules and address any questions or concerns they might have before the first day of classes. Students will be introduced to their EC101 - Endicott Transitions course, which addresses the challenges of incoming students and provides strategies for success in an academic community. Fall Orientation concludes with the participation in a traditional Convocation ceremony.

Required Forms all new students. Please print, fill out forms and return to the Student Affairs office.   

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