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Student Leadership in the Halls

Resident Assistant Position

The Resident Assistant works in a residence hall or apartment setting under the direct supervision of a Residence Director. The role of the Resident Assistant is to facilitate an environment within the residence hall community that promotes the educational experience of residential living. The RA articulates to the residents the philosophy and policies of the College and, in turn, represents the needs of the students to the administration.

Role Modeling
- Remain in good conduct and academic standing with the College.
- Live in accordance with the policies outlined in the Handbook for Students and the Housing & Dining Service Contract while on and off campus.

Individual Helping and Referral
- Help residents with academic, personal and social matters within the limits of his/her training and capabilities, and serve as a resource and referral agent for residents.
- Know residents on your floor well enough to recognize changes in behavior patterns that might require counseling or other necessary assistance.
- Read and be familiar with resource material presented in the Handbook for Students.

Community Development
- Assist residents in developing a meaningful community that supports and promotes the ideals of personal responsibility and positive citizenship. 
- Develop a community standard and facilitate regular floor meetings to encourage community development.
- Serve as a resource to the Residence Hall Council and committees as assigned by the Residence Director. 

Program Development
- Be committed to and involved in the development of meaningful educational, social, recreational, and cultural programs for residents.
- Assess residents’ needs and plan programs to effectively meet those needs as well as encourage residents to pursue their interests and plan their own programs and activities.

Duty Responsibility
- On-call duty responsibility as scheduled; at night, on weekends, during break periods when the college remains open, during campus-wide emergencies, and during hall openings and closings.

Administrative Responsibilities
- Be familiar with administrative procedures contained in the Handbook for Students and assist with related duties as assigned by the Residence Director and the Residence Life Office.
- Open and close the halls, prepare Room Condition Reports (RCRs), check residents in and out of the buildings and assist with other housing administration functions as assigned. 
- Disseminate and collect information and generate reports as required.
- Participate on committees throughout the year.
- Participate in RA Recruitment and Selection process.

Enforcement of Regulations
- Understand and enforce all College and residence hall regulations and policies.
- Facilitate a climate that promotes individual responsibility and protects the rights of the individual and the community.
- Enforce policies in a fair and consistent manner.
- Maintain appropriate confidentiality in reference to any incident or referral they are involved with.

Safety and Security
- Help safeguard the community by making rounds in the building(s) and assisting the Residence Director with Health & Safety Inspections. 
- Educate residents on fire safety and evacuation procedures.

Meetings and Training Programs
- Be available for and attend all mandatory staff meetings, in-service training (First Tuesday evening of every month), and the winter and fall training programs. Exceptions may only be granted by the Assistant Director of Residence Life.

Outside Commitments
- May not hold other employment on or off campus without prior permission from the Residence Director and/or Assistant Director of Residence Life. Other employment should not exceed ten hours per week or interfere with RA duties. The RA position will take priority over additional employment.

- Previous experience living in a residence hall community is required.
- Must be second semester freshman, sophomore, junior or senior at the time of his/her appointment.
- Must be enrolled as s full-time student (minimum of 12 credit hours), and must maintain a 2.5 minimum Cumulative GPA or better, during your term of employment.
- Cannot have a disciplinary sanction that is equal to or greater than Disciplinary Probation at any time during the period of employment or it may result in termination.

- Stipend added to a student's Endicott account as a credit that will be applied to costs at the college (housing):
- First year RA: $3,000/semester
- Second year RA: $3,250/semester
- Third year RA: $3,500/semester
- $50 Gull dollars per semester
- Campus Parking sticker valued at $300
- Resident Assistants may receive additional discounts based on room type

Please complete the application form. You must be logged into your Endicott Gmail Account for the hyperlink to work properly.

**Further inquiries about the RA Position can be directed to Jennifer Rommel, Assistant Director of Residence Life.


The Residence Hall Association (RHA)

The Residence Hall Association or RHA, is a nationally recognized representative organization that empowers on-campus residents to play an active role in residence halls through service, programming, and leadership opportunities. RHA also enacts change through legislation and advocates the issues and concerns of residents with the ultimate goal of making the residence halls of EC a more respectful and united community. RHA is the overarching organization of each of the Hall Councils and each Hall Council should have a senate representative who is part of RHA. Members of RHA will also have opportunities to attend National Conferences as part of NACURH, National Association of College and University Residence Halls. 


Hall Council

Hall Council is a representative group of students, with elected officers open to all residents of a community.  They strive to support the mission of residence life, take action to improve the quality of life and foster community ownership and pride.  Hall Council hears the concerns of residents and works to address those concerns by utilizing community resources to plan activities and purchase items, promote community respect and accountability, and establish clear and consistent communication among appropriate members of the EC community.  As a result Hall Council empowers residents to stay informed about and invested in the development of their community and serves as a leadership opportunity for students. Additionally, Hall Councils have the opportunity to create fun and interactive programs for the community they live in. To get involved in hall council, please contact your area's Residence Director.

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