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Student Leadership in the Halls

The Residence Hall Association (RHA)

The Residence Hall Association or RHA, is a nationally recognized representative organization that empowers on-campus residents to play an active role in residence halls through service, programming, and leadership opportunities. RHA also enacts change through legislation and advocates the issues and concerns of residents with the ultimate goal of making the residence halls of EC a more respectful and united community. RHA is the overarching organization of each of the Hall Councils and each Hall Council should have a senate representative who is part of RHA. Members of RHA will also have opportunities to attend National Conferences as part of NACURH, National Association of College and University Residence Halls. 


Hall Council

Hall Council is a representative group of students, with elected officers open to all residents of a community.  They strive to support the mission of residence life, take action to improve the quality of life and foster community ownership and pride.  Hall Council hears the concerns of residents and works to address those concerns by utilizing community resources to plan activities and purchase items, promote community respect and accountability, and establish clear and consistent communication among appropriate members of the EC community.  As a result Hall Council empowers residents to stay informed about and invested in the development of their community and serves as a leadership opportunity for students. Additionally, Hall Councils have the opportunity to create fun and interactive programs for the community they live in. To get involved in hall council, please contact your area's Residence Director.

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