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Room Changes

If a roommate disagreement arises in a room we ask that students go through the following procedures before requesting a room move. Space is very limited on-campus and we ask that students try to discuss their problems and concerns as a room move may not be an immediate option.

If a student is having difficulty in their room with their roommate, we encourage students to first discuss the issue with their roommate directly. Many times the roommate is not aware there is a problem.

If students can not handle the issue on their own, they may approach their Resident Assistant to discuss doing a roommate mediation. During a roommate mediation all parties involved will fill out a Roommate Contract that all parties in the room must adhere to or it may become a judicial matter.

If the RA can not successfully mediate the situation or solve the problem, residents will meet with the Residence Director of the building. Residence Directors are full time professional staff members who have been trained in roommate conflicts and mediations. A room change should be the last solution after all else fails.

Unauthorized room changes will result in sanctions being applied to the student and students will be required to move back to their assigned space. A $50.00 administrative fee may be assessed to students with no extenuating reason for moving or who have not gone through the mediation before moving.

Please see the below resources to help set up a roommate contract or ways to help discuss concerns with your roommate.

Roommate Agreement

Tips for Living with a Roommate

Talking points for resolving issues

If you are interested in a room move and have gone through the steps above, room change request forms are available in the Office of Residence Life. Please call the Office of Residence Life to make an appointment to discuss your options or get on the room change request list.

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