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Our Residence Halls

One of the many reasons that makes Endicott College a special place is our large variety of residence hall opportunities. We have both traditional and suite style with kitchen facilities housing which consist of converted mansions, smaller houses townhouses, and larger residence halls. Some residence halls might have private bathrooms and full kitchens, while others can be considered beach front property, but there is definitely a residence hall option for everyone.

You can look at the Tuition and Fees schedule for the specific costs on the Bursar's Page.

Please take a moment to ensure you have completed the Meal Plan Selection and Residency Agreement.

Our Residence Hall options can be seen here: Overview of All Residence Hall Options for Fall 2017
*For Residence Hall locations please view this Campus Map

Information on our First-Year Residence Halls can be found here: New Student Housing Flyer

Graduate housing is extremely limited but is available on a case-by-case basis. To apply for graduate housing for Fall 2017, please fill out the Graduate Housing Application.


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