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Programming can be described as planned activities that meet the needs and/or interests of individuals or groups. The philosophy of residence hall programming is to develop a community.

While resident students are constantly learning in their informal residence hall environments, programming is an organized way of facilitating both personal and community development. The Office of Residence Life works to create intentional programs that focus on Supporting the Academic Mission, Personal Growth, Community Development and Awareness, and Development of Professional and Life Skills.

Questions about residence hall programming and how to become involved can be directed to your Resident Assistant or Residence Director. To know when programs are happening in your area, look for advertisements around the hall or check out the College's online calendar. The Online calendar lists all programming occurring on the EC campus.

 Office of Residence LifeOffice of Residence LifeOffice of Residence Life

The following is a list of common programs that happen in the halls:


Midnight Breakfasts

Hall Competitions

STIs and Personal Health Education

Roommate Games


Study Skills


Movie Nights

Cooking Competitions

Resume Writing and Interview Skills

Off-campus visits to local exhibits, shows, attractions; etc.

Bingo Nights

Game Nights

Alcohol and Drug Education


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