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Our residential communities provide an opportunity for students to meet and form connections with fellow students - where one might spend late nights sitting in the hallway and talking with friends or in a lounge studying with classmates. Through these interactions, our hope is that residents will develop lifelong friendships and will be encouraged to grow and learn about themselves. The Residence Life staff is made up of active, enthusiastic, and committed Endicott community members who work with individual residents and the community as a whole to make each hall feel like home.

Each residential community is a collective effort of the staff and the residents - a place where everyone can live and learn together. In order for the communities to thrive, all residents need to be involved. This can take many different forms: attending building programs, supporting a floor member at a sports game, or helping to organize an event engaging other residents within their community. The halls are a place for residents to develop leadership skills, engage in stimulating discussions, learn from others in a multicultural context, and of course, have fun!

An important principle guiding community living is fostering the concept of individual freedom and accountability - one which encourages students to clearly articulate their needs and then join together to work toward mutually beneficial solutions. This approach can have a transformational impact on each resident, and collectively upon the community at Endicott. Our goal is for residents to leave Endicott feeling they have developed the skills and experience needed to be successful in our increasingly complex society.



Checking In to the Residence Halls

Students will be notified in August (fall semester) and January (spring semester) as to the designated residence hall move-in dates via their housing placement letters and the Residence Life Important Dates. Semester break and vacation period information will be distributed by the Office of Residence Life through their website, student emails, posting in the residence halls, and through regular hall meetings. Students are expected to adhere to these published dates and times. Additionally, all-important academic and check-in dates are located on the Endicott College website under the academic calendar.

Checking Out of the Residence Halls

When leaving the residence halls at the completion of the academic year or changing rooms, students must:
- schedule a checkout meeting with their Residence Director;
- remove all personal items from the room and apartment;
- properly dispose of all trash;
- sweep or vacuum the floor;
- reset the furniture to the way it was when they moved in (this may mean de-bunking the beds);
- complete the check-out portion of the Room Condition Report with Residence Life at the scheduled check-out time;
- return the room/apartment key to their Residence Director.

Failure to complete the above steps may result in billing for improper checkout. The College provides no appeal process on assessed damages if the checkout procedures are not followed.

Policies about shorter holiday breaks and mid-year breaks will be distributed through meetings and postings in the residence halls. All keys must be returned during winter break check-out procedures.


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If a washer or dryer is malfunctioning, please contact your Resident Assistant or Residence Director.

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