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Returning Student Overview

All students returning to campus for the Spring 2015 semester will receive an email with their housing placement by January 15th.  

Students looking to change their housing status from resident to commuter, or commuter to resident must complete this Change of Residency Status Form before December 15, 2014. 

Additionally, all students who wish to change their meal plan for the spring semester OR switching to resident status are REQUIRED to complete the Residency and Board Agreement by February 9th. 

Returning Student Overview 

Housing Selection is an on-line process for returning students with the exception of ADA rooms, Resident Assistants and the Healthy Living Community. New Endicott students receive housing preference forms in May and will receive placements in August.

Housing selection is done based on a point system which includes class standing, GPA and judicial status. Each student will receive total points, which they may review. Once points have been finalized, each student receives a selection date and time. Since selection is done on-line, students may access their COAST accounts during their selection time from anywhere an internet connection is available. Students may choose a room any time after their assigned selection time, but not before. Once a student has chosen a room in the online system, they are removed from the Housing Selection Process and may NOT make any changes to their decision for the duration of Housing Selection. Student room selection times are fully dependent on how many points he or she has and any room that matches the student gender and is available may be selected regardless of age or class standing.

Online housing selection normally takes place in April. Returning students should look for the updated information packet posted each year in early March that will be posted on this website and emailed to all students.

In order to participate in Housing Selection every student MUST:

a. Be a current on-campus resident, on Study Abroad, or on Temporary Semester Internship

b. Be enrolled as a full time student and be registered for Fall classes before the start of the first round of room selection

c. Be approved to return from leave of absence or be readmitted by April 1

d. Be financially cleared by April 1. Not have submitted a Change of Residency Status form to live Off-Campus for the Fall semester by April 1


Fall 2014 Online Housing Selection Coming April 2015...

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