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Returning Student Overview

Housing Selection is an on-line process for returning students with the exception of ADA rooms, Resident Assistants and the Healthy Living Community. New Endicott students receive housing preference forms in May and will receive placements in August.

Housing selection is done based on a point system which includes class standing, GPA and judicial status. Each student will receive total points, which they may review. Once points have been finalized, each student receives a selection date and time. Since selection is done on-line, students may access their COAST accounts during their selection time from anywhere an internet connection is available. Students may choose a room any time after their assigned selection time, but not before. Once a student has chosen a room in the online system, they are removed from the Housing Selection Process and may NOT make any changes to their decision for the duration of Housing Selection. Student room selection times are fully dependent on how many points he or she has and any room that matches the student gender and is available may be selected regardless of age or class standing.

Online housing selection normally takes place in April. Returning students should look for the updated information packet posted each year in early March that will be posted on this website and emailed to all students.

In order to participate in Housing Selection every student MUST:

a. Be a current on-campus resident, on Study Abroad, or on Temporary Semester Internship

b. Be enrolled as a full time student and be registered for Fall classes before the start of the first round of room selection

c. Be approved to return from leave of absence or be readmitted by April 1

d. Be financially cleared by April 1. Not have submitted a Change of Residency Status form to live Off-Campus for the Fall semester by April 1


Fall 2014 Online Housing Selection for Returning Students

It’s that time of year. . . housing selection is right around the corner! This year the online selection process will be April 23 – 25, 2014. Students must meet the outlines criteria to participate in the online selection. We encourage all student to read the HOUSING SELECTION PACKET for the complete process or review it on the Residence Life web page, under Housing Selection.

Residences Information

    1. There are many different residential buildings that students can choose from that fall into two separate categories: Traditional style and Suite Style with style. Traditional style residence halls tend to be the largest buildings with long hallways, large community areas, and often one bathroom per floor. Suite Style with kitchen living takes many different forms at Endicott, but is most often arranged so a group of 4-6 students live in a small apartment with a kitchenette, a common area, and a bathroom.
      1. Brindle, Reynolds, Wenham, Hamilton, Winthrop, Birchmont, Rogers, part of Bayview and part of Stoneridge will not be available for selection during the on-line process as they are used for themed housing, which includes freshman housing.
        1. Due to the higher cost and more secluded atmosphere, upperclassmen are usually the first to fill Suite Style housing. Please see the 2014-2015 Fee Schedules online for pricing details. Go to the Endicott website and choose Bursars and click "Tuition and Fees."

          Typical Halls for Class Years

          To be Sophomores: Wenham, Hale, Trexler, Endicott, Bayview, Stoneridge, a few in Marblehead

          To be Juniors: All halls listed for Sophomores, Marblehead, some into Kennedy, Birchmont and Hawthorne

          To be Seniors: All halls


          Base Points (based on class standing) – Judicial Points + GPA Points (up to 8pts) + Scholars Points (4 points)= Total Housing Selection Points

          Check Out the: Housing Cheat Sheet

          Please take the time to view this helpful Step By Step Online Tutorial

          Timeline for Fall 2014 Selection:

          03/12/2014 Applications for Disability Housing due to the Center for Teaching and Learning by 5PM
          03/14/2014 Applications for Themed Housing due to Residence Life by 5PM. 
          03/24 – 3/28/2014 Themed Housing Interview Process , If Necessary 
          04/1/2014 Change of Residency Status Deadline
            Financial Clearance Deadline to be eligible for Room Selection
          04/07/2014 Housing Selection Points available on COAST
            Points Review Process Begins
            Disability Housing Interview Selection Process Begins 
          04/10/2014   Points Review Process Ends
          04/14/2014 Themed Community Placements and Resident Assistant Placement
            Final Points and Selection Times Available on COAST 
          04/23 – 4/25/2014  Housing Room Selection
          4/25 - 5/2/2014 Room Change Requests Available



          As room selection draws to an end, the Office of Residence Life will now work with students in accommodating their housing needs. While these accommodations may not be immediate, please know our goal is always to have 100% satisfaction and assist all students the best we can.

          Please read the below information carefully and follow the procedure that applies to your situation:

          All placements/moves done after the online portion of the housing selection process will be done based on points, seniority and the needs of the College. This is not a first come, first serve process. We appreciate your patience in this process and will continue to do placements and moves throughout the summer. The Office of Residence Life works very hard to make sure we can place students in a location that they are comfortable with. Normally we do 200 to 300 room changes every summer and appreciate your support and patience as we work to try to accommodate everyone’s change requests to the best of our ability.

          1.)    I DID NOT SELECT HOUSING for any reason (missed time, financial hold, readmitted student; etc):

          1. If you are returning to Endicott for the Fall and…
            1. Plan to be a resident student
          • Please fill out a Room Draw Change Request link. Deadline May 1st
          1. Plan to be a commuter student
          • Please fill out the Change of Residency Status that can be found on the Residence Life webpage under “Change of Residency.”
          1. If you are NOT returning to Endicott for the Fall
          • Please schedule an appointment with Denise Bilodeau to fill out withdrawal/transfer paperwork.  Ms. Bilodeau’s office is located in the Academic Center, 106A.

          2.)    I SELECTED HOUSING:

          1. I would like to be relocated from my selected housing and would like to request a room change
          • Please fill out a Room Draw Change Request link. Deadline May 1st
          1. I am happy with my housing, but am in the wrong side of a suite/wrong room in apartment style housing.
          • Please email with the desired set up of the room and CC all students who are in that space, so we are aware they agree to the change.
          1. I have a mutual switch option and all parties have agreed to this switch.
          • Please email with the desired mutual switch with all IDs and locations and CC all parties involved in the mutual switch. 
          1. I selected into Temporary Housing. (Temporary Housing is assigned as overflow housing during the online part of the process and all students in Temporary Housing are guaranteed housing)
          • Please fill out a Room Draw Change Request link. Deadline May 1st.

           Additionally, all students who will be living on campus next year are REQUIRED to fill out a Residency and Board Agreement. These forms will be available beginning in May – please check your email for more information.

          If you have any questions, the Office of Residence Life staff would be more than happy to help you.

          If you would like additional information please contact the Office of Residence Life at 978-232-2141 or


          Themed Healthy Living Community Application for Fall 2014 (we are still accepting applications until the building is full)


          Graduate Student Overview

          Graduate students who are looking for housing please fill out the attached form: Graduate Housing Application. Grad Housing is varied and can be located either on or off campus in single or double rooms. All grad housing has access to a bathroom and full kitchen.

          New Student Overview

          Please refer to the main orientation web page or the New Student Preference Form .

            • The Office of Residence Life strives to accommodate all student requests when possible within hall and room availability. However, placements will be made based on continuation deposit payment dates.
              • Traditional style housing are buildings with singles, doubles, triples and quad sized rooms.
                • First year students are limited to traditional style housing only, but may be housed elsewhere based on available space.
                  • To review the different building descriptions please go to the Residence Life page under "Residence Halls" and click on "First Year Halls for Fall 2014"
                    • If requesting a roommate(s), the LATEST continuation deposit date will be used to place.
                      • Each roommate listed must MUTUALLY list or select you as a requested roommate for the request to be granted.
                        • If special housing accommodations are needed based on a medical condition, please contact the Disability Coordinator at 978.232.2292 or to apply for consideration in order to meet your need. Any information will be held in strict confidence and used for placement purposed. Deadline is July 1.
                          • If you fill out this form multiple times, the latest of the time stamps will be used.
                            • Please note that housing costs may vary based on location and to consult the Tuition, Room & Board Fees on the Bursar's web page.
                              • Single rooms are an additional $750 per semester.
                                • This form must be complete by 9AM the Monday after July Orientation
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