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Housing Selection Information

FA 2016 Available beds for housing selection


Synopsis of Room Selection

  1. Room Selection will begin on April 11th and will conclude on April 14th.

  2. In order to be eligible to participate in Housing Selection every student MUST:

    1. Be financially cleared by March 15, 2016

    2. Be a current on-campus resident, on Study Abroad, or on Temporary Commuter Status (semester internship)

    3. Be approved to return from leave of absence or be readmitted and deposited by March 15, 2016.

    4. Not have submitted a Change of Residency Application form to live off-campus for the fall semester by March 15, 2016.

    5. Have submitted a change of residency application if the student’s commuting status was a condition of enrollment and the student now wants to be a resident.

  3. Students will be placed in selection groups based on earned credit hours (as of 1/28/16).

  4. Students may ‘pull in’ others who are no more than 8 credits below them.  Students may always ‘pull in’ a student with more credits than themselves (i.e. a student with 80 credits may pull in someone with 72 or more credits).

  5. Buildings will become available to students based on the table below.

  6. If a students’ selection group is active, but they want to choose a building that is not yet open, they will have the opportunity to select that building in the first hour of the day (i.e. 9 – 10AM) the desired building becomes active.  The selection groups for that day will not become active until the next hour (10AM).

  7. Students selecting on April 11th or April 12th will be required to fill the entire suite / house to select a space.

  8. Students selecting on April 13th or April 14th will not be required to fill room/suite to select a space.

  9. On campus living is for students enrolled full time (12 credits or more) in a course of study for the 2016-2017 academic year.  Any student who is registered for less than 12 credits on May 1, will be removed from housing and placed on a waiting list.  If the student achieves full time enrollment status at a later date, the student will be placed in housing on a space available basis.

  10. Once a student has selected housing and confirmed their selection online, they will not be able to make any additional changes during the room selection process.





April 11 – AM

Standish, Beverly Townhomes vacancies

April 11 – PM

Standish vacancies, Beverly Townhomes vacancies, Ledge, Woodside, Rockport, Williston, Tower, Birchmont, & Mods (NOTE: Essex, Cliff & Farmhouse will not be available in room selection.)

April 12

Above Vacancies, Kennedy, Manchester, Gloucester, & Hawthorne

April 13

Above Vacancies (except senior areas), Marblehead, Bayview, Stoneridge, Endicott, Alhambra, Beacon, Hale, Rogers, Trexler, Winthrop, Wenham, Frates & Reynolds

(NOTE: Keys to Degrees will remain in Bayview. Frates, Endicott, Stoneridge and Bayview will be mixed halls (freshmen and upper class). Reynolds will be an upper class hall.)

April 14

Same as prior day


Please review the Housing Selection Packet

updated 2/29/2016 
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