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Change of Residency Status

Students interested in changing their residency status for Fall semester must do so before April 1 and for the Spring semester before December 15. All Change of Residency Status Forms received after the deadline will lose their $500 continuation deposit. Minimum requirements for approval for off-campus housing: student must be of junior or senior status with a 2.3 GPA or higher. All Change of Residency forms are subject to approval.

If you are unsure of your internship plans, please fill out a Declaration of Intent Form and return it to the Office of Residence Life before April 1.

Please note that a change of status can impact your financial aid. Contact the Financial Aid office for details. It is not necessary to know the address you are moving to fill out the form. You can inform Residence Life of your new address once it is confirmed. Also note that the College will not approve any students requesting to move to 89 West Street in Beverly Farms.

Please note the following ordinance that is enforced by the City of Beverly. "Non-related persons in a housing unit may not excede four (4)... Please be advised that the City will continue to vigorously enforce this Ordinance and the State Building Code."

To help faciliate off-campus relations, to post a off-campus property or to find out what off-campus properties have been posted with Endicott please contact: Patrick McMenimen at 978-232-2249 or Please note we do not endorse or work with any specific off-campus locations.

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