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Winter Closing 2016

In order to support a studious environment, 24-hour Quiet Hours begin in all residence halls Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 at 10PM and will continue until the halls close.

All students are required to leave their residence hall within 24 hours after their last exam or by 7PM on December 21st, whichever comes first. The Callahan serves its final meal for the semester on December 21st at 5PM, and all Endicott College Residence Halls close at 7PM.

After 7PM on December 21st the ENTIRE CAMPUS closes until January 3rd. No students may remain on campus during this time, for any reason, as there will be no staff or services available.

Before students leave for the break, they need to make sure the following checklist is completed:

  • ALL electrical devices must be unplugged (including personal refrigerators)

  • All valuables removed

  • All trash and garbage taken out

  • Sink empty/dishes done

  • All perishable foods removed

  • All bathrooms cleaned

  • Thermostats set to 68 degrees/heat on low

  • All lights turned off

  • Windows and doors must be closed and locked

  • All pet fish taken home

  • Beverly Townhomes, Cliff, Essex, Farmhouse, Ledge, Rockport, the Mods, Tupper, Williston, & Woodside MUST return their keys to the Residence Life Office in Lower Callahan between 9am - 5pm. If after hours or weekend, keys can be returned to key drop box in Lower Callahan.

When students leave they must fill out the paper form of the above checklist, attached to their room/suite door, and sign it. If the room/suite requires any work orders, it is the student’s responsibility to notify their RD. If there is a vacancy in the room, the room must be clean and ready for an incoming person (1 bed, 1 desk, 1 chair, 1 wardrobe, etc.)

If you are NOT returning to campus in the Spring for any reason
(withdrawing/transferring, study abroad, internship, changing residency status, etc.)
Student MUST set up a full check-out appointment prior to their last final with their RD and remove all personal items before that agreed upon check-out time. Note that a failure to follow any of these procedures will result in a $25 improper check-out charge.


International Student Housing 

If you are an International student and need extended stay housing after finals, please come to the Res Life office to fill out an extended stay form. The deadline to fill it out will be December 9th at 5PM.

January Intersession Housing


Winter Intersession housing begins January 3rd. If you need housing for any part of the January Intersession, applications were due by 5PM on Monday, December 5th. Late requests may be emailed to and will incur a $25 late fee.


Valid reasons for requesting January accommodations include:

  • International/Exchange Student

  • Internship (email confirmation REQUIRED from Internship Coordinator)

  • On-Campus Work Study/Student Employment (email confirmation REQUIRED from Supervisor)

  • Athletics (email confirmation REQUIRED from Coach)

  • Classes (emailed copy of class schedule REQUIRED)


Upon Returning to Campus for Spring Semester 

All returning students will need to check in by swiping their Gull Card at the Post Center on Sunday, January 22nd. 

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