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2015 Summer Housing

Please be advised of the following:

•Summer Housing applications are available by completing this form.
•Summer Housing applications are due by April 24, 2015 at 5PM. All approved late applications will be assessed a $25 late fee after that date.
•24 hr. Quiet Hours begin in all Residence Halls on April 30th at 10PM & will continue until the halls close at 7PM on May 11th.
•Reminder that no guests are allowed during this time period.
•All residence halls close May 11th at 7PM. Students will be expected to set up a check out appointment with their building staff. All students, with the exception of graduating seniors and approved summer students, are required to check out of housing within 24 hours after their last exam or by 7PM on May 11th.

Please be advised that Summer Housing is limited and applicants will be approved and placed on the following priority basis:

1. Working On-Campus,
2. Taking classes
3. Internship
4. Other (example: off campus job; etc).

Summer housing will be located in Beacon, Mods, & Trexler. 

By completing the form:
•I am aware that the policies and procedures in the 2014-2015 Student Handbook apply at all times.
•I am aware that summer housing will be in singles, doubles, and some triples. (There are a limited number of singles). Students will be housed in Beacon, Mods, & Trexler.
•I understand that the technology fee is a non-waivable fee associated with the cost of internet, cable, and telephone.
•I am aware that all Summer Meals (limited) may only be purchased by putting money on my Gull Card or paying cash.
•I understand that if the housing that I am assigned is available before the official move-over date (May 22nd) from your current assignment I will be expected to relocate immediately.
•I understand that I may be requested to move summer housing locations in an effort to complete scheduled maintenance or repairs.
•I understand that Summer Housing is scheduled to end on August 21st and if I am not in housing for Fall 2015 I will need to leave campus by 5PM and return keys to the Office of Residence Life. If I am in housing for Fall I must be prepared to move to my Fall assignment within the following week.

Working Full Time On-Campus (25+ hrs)- $0/wk.

Taking Classes (6+ credits) - $65/wk.

Internship (12+ credits) - $65/wk.

Other - $91/wk.

Technology Fee (All residents) - $20/month

Single Fee - $75 (limited available)

Late Fee (Submitted after April 24, 2015) $25

If you have questions, please contact our office at x2141 or by email at Good luck on your finals!


Important dates for the 2014-2015 school year-

Thanksgiving break: November 21st through November 30th

Winter break: December 19th through January 25th

Spring break: March 13th through March 22nd

Summer break: May 11th through August 31st


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