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2016 Summer Housing

The semester is flying by and I am sure many of you are already planning ahead for the summer months. With any luck, you will find this email helpful in planning out the next couple of weeks leading up to the exams. Please be advised of the following:


•Summer Housing applications are available by clicking on the link below and online starting today, March 25, 2016.

•Summer Housing applications are due by April 20, 2016 at 5pm. All approved late applications will be assessed a $25 late fee after that date.

•24 hr. Quiet Hours begin in all Residence Halls on May 6th at 10PM and will continue until the halls close at 7PM on May 13th,

•Reminder, no guests are allowed during this time period.

•All residence halls close May 13th at 7pm. Students are expected to set up a check out appointment with their building staff. All students, with the exception of graduating seniors and approved summer students, are required to check out of housing within 24 hours after their last exam or by 7pm on May 13th.


Please be advised that Summer Housing is limited and applicants will be approved and placed on the following priority basis: 1. Working On-Campus, 2. Taking Classes, 3. Internship. 


Summer housing will be located in Kennedy and Tower Hall.


Approved student workers who will not begin their summer jobs by May 23rd will have to check out of housing as a normal student. The student worker may then make arrangements with Residence Life to move into their Summer placement within 48hrs of their work start date.


Example 1: Joe Student has set up a summer job with the Library that begins June 6th. His last exam is May 13th, he needs to check out with his RA/RD before the end of the day May 13th. Joe can then set up an appointment to move into his summer housing during the assigned time on June 5th


Example 2: Joe Student has set up a summer job with the Post Center that begins May 30th. His last exam is May 13th. Joe may stay on campus until his summer job begins but cannot have any issues that can jeopardize his summer employment. Joe will be moved to his summer assignment upon the direction of the Residence Life staff.


Please fill out the summer housing application before APRIL 20, 2016.


Summer Housing Application 2016


Working Full Time On-Campus (25+ hours) - $0/wk

Internship (12+ credits) or Taking Classes (6+ credits) - $65/wk

Technology Fee (all summer residents) - $20/month

Single Fee - $75

Late Fee (Application submitted after April 25, 2014 by 5PM) - $25


If you have questions, please contact our office at x2141 or by email at

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