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2015 Thanksgiving Break

Dear Residential Students,

The Residence Halls will close Friday, November 20th  from 7:00PM and will reopen on Sunday, November 29th at 10:00AM. All rooms will be inspected by Residence Life staff during closing. Please use the following list to ensure your room/suite is properly closed down and does not incur a $25 improper check out fee (this list will also be available as a checklist on your room door):

-          Windows and doors are closed/locked

-          All electrical devices should be unplugged (except refrigerators)

-          Holiday decorations removed

-          All trash removed

-          Sink empty/dishes done

-          Thermostats left on low/65 degrees

-          All curtains and blinds closed

-          All lights turned off

Students that require housing during the Thanksgiving Recess (for any period of time) are responsible for all of the information listed below. The request form must be submitted to the Office of Residence Life by 5PM on Friday, November 14th. Late applications will be subject to a $25.00 fee. To apply please fill out the requested form: Thanksgiving 2015 Stay Request Form.

Students must request to stay on campus in advance. For safety/security purposes the Office of Residence Life needs to keep an accurate listing of who is allowed to remain on campus. Therefore, only those students who have been granted permission to stay on campus during the break will be allowed to stay. Please note that all policies within the Student Handbook are enforced during holiday and break periods.

Reasons for remaining on campus for the Thanksgiving Recess include: (confirmation is required)

- Travel conflicts (domestic or international) (FLIGHT SCHEDULES REQUIRED)

- Internship/Academic Reason (needs confirmation from Internship Coordinator)

- Athletic schedule (needs confirmation from Coach)

- On Campus Work Study/Student Employment (needs confirmation)

- International students

If you have any questions regarding the information above please call or stop by the Office of Residence Life or see your Residence Director.

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