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  • Fulfills direct community needs by placing students, who are armed with specific skills and a motivation to succeed, into agencies throughout the community.
  • Aids in understanding course content by applying its skills, theories, and practices.
  • Boosts critical thinking skills through active reflection.
  • Expands upon Endicott's mission of experiential learning, requiring students to relate abstract concepts with real-life experience.
  • Develops a sense of personal responsibility to the community by raising awareness and addressing the issues of civic responsibility and personal commitment.
  • Helps students to clarify and/or reevaluate career goals and future plans by providing them with opportunities they might not have otherwise pursued.
  • Can provide a new outlet for the faculty to approach course material and make it relevant to the students.
  • Allows a student to experience the diverse conditions and circumstances that other people have faced and continue to face.  This will prepare students for similar situations encountered after graduation.
  • Builds a stronger connection to the college and to learning, increasing the likelihood that students will remain in school and achieve their educational and personal goals.
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