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Community Service Learning

Service Learning is something new to Endicott College, even as it is being recognized throughout the country as a formidable new tool to foster learning and personal growth in students and teachers alike.

We have adopted an aggressive stance on Service Learning, with the hope that it will become a recognized and valued aspect of Endicott's academic programs. Service Learning is something that is not bound by academic disciplines, and it mirrors the institutions commitment to experiential learning and community impact.

The best way to understand Service Learning is to think of it as a methodology; one that has certain essential facets, including but not limited to:

  • Projects that meet actual community needs, and that are coordinated in collaboration with the community organizations.
  • That are integrated into the academic curricula.
  • That provide structured time for students to reflect upon the actual service activity, through thinking, talking and/or writing about the experience and relating it to the course material and their own personal lives.
  • That provide students with opportunities to use newly acquired academic skills and knowledge in real life situations in their own communities.
  • That enhance what is taught in school by extending student learning beyond the classroom.
  • That help foster the development of a sense of belonging to the community in which one lives and a sense that caring for others helps to strengthen that community.
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