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Campus Safety Parking & Traffic Office

Welcome to the Endicott College Parking & Traffic Office.

Parking Privileges Parking & Traffic Citation Appeal Form 
Vehicle Preregistration Form First-year Student Parking Waiver Request Form
Massachusetts Department of Transportation (Mass DOT)
Nonresident Driver Statement
Parking Designations Map

If you are a student (undergraduate, graduate, resident, or commuter), faculty member (full-time, part-time, or adjunct), or staff member (full-time or part-time) and would like to get a parking decal, you will need:

1. To have first preregistered online (link to Student Vehicle Preregistration Form above)
2. Driver's License
3. Vehicle Registration
4. Vehicle Insurance info
5. Mass DOT Nonresident Driver Statement (only if you are non-Massachusetts resident - link to statement above)


Faculty and Staff Members!  If your job at the college requires that you drive a college-owned passenger van or golf cart, you must first take the appropriate driver safety certification course before you get behind the wheel.  Contact the Parking & Traffic Office to find out more!

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