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First-year Student Parking Waiver Request

Endicott College has eliminated vehicle and parking privileges for all residential first-year students. First-year commuter students will have access to on-campus parking in assigned commuter lots.

For the purposes of parking privileges, policies, and regulations, a first-year student is defined as any resident student with less than thirty (30) completed credit hours at the start of the semester (excluding AP credits).

Students enrolled in January internships or engaged in college sponsored activities, regardless of the number of credits, will be allowed to have a vehicle on campus during the January term for a fee.

Please see the Student Handbook for complete parking policies and regulations.

The following policies exist for first-year students seeking waivers:

Medical - First Year Students with regularly scheduled appointments outside the City of Beverly or other locations that cannot be reached by the College’s transportation or a public transportation system.  A letter from that doctor, on official business letterhead, stating why the student is under their care, how often their appointments will be and for how long the student will be under their care, is required.  A pass for the period of time needed to support medical appointments will be issued.

Off-Campus Employment - First Year Students employed at locations not on the College’s transportation schedule.  Students will be required to have written employer verification of 15 hours or more per week. This letter must be written on official company letterhead and either e-mailed or faxed to the Parking & Traffic Office.  The letter must be signed by a company executive.  Letters signed by a family member working for the same company will not be accepted.  The student will be responsible for providing proof of employment, each month, in the form of a paycheck.  Random checks with the employer will be performed by the Parking & Traffic Office.

Family Hardship - An identified hardship requested in writing by a parent or guardian, that requires the student to return home on a regular basis, and cannot be reached by the College’s transportation or a public transportation system. 
Other than the waivers listed above, the College will not issue temporary passes to first-year students for any duration.  First year students who are authorized a waiver will be allowed to park in lots 25 or 28 only.  First-year students with a waiver and with state-issued handicapped plates or placards will have access throughout the campus for handicapped spaces.

Vehicles are not allowed to be on campus without first receiving approval. The Parking & Traffic Office is not open on the weekends and requests sent on weekends will not be addressed until the next business day.

Any first year student who brings their vehicles onto campus without prior written approval from the Parking & Traffic Office will be charged $20 per day and will be required to remove their vehicle from campus no later than the following weekend.  The card access system at the main gate will not allow passage of unauthorized vehicles.

To request a waiver for first-year parking, please fill out the form below and click the "submit request" button. Submitting the form does not guarantee the waiver will be granted. Each request is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Notification on the outcome of the request will be sent to the e-mail address provided.

First Year Parking Waiver

In the box below, please enter the reason you are requesting a waiver. Be as brief and specific as possible.
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