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Google Search FAQs

Q. How has site searching changed with Endicott’s Google search?
A: Endicott’s Google search utilizes the powerful capabilities of Google’s trusted and reliable search technology.  This technology ensures enhanced coverage of Endicott’s website so that you can find and access the information you are looking for.  

Q: Is there any difference between Endicott’s Google search and Google's Web site?
A: Endicott’s Google search looks only at the pages on Endicott’s website whereas Google’s Search engine is searching the entire World Wide Web.  Endicott’s Google search is also Advertisement Free, giving you ads-free search results for a clean and simple searching experience. 

Q: Will I be able to search for information the way I did before?
A: Yes, you can search for information on the website that way you always have.  Endicott’s Google search will return relevant results using Google’s familiar interface that many users prefer.  

Q: What are the benefits to using Endicott’s Google search?
A: You can worry less about typos in your search queries because Google’s search technology is more intuitive to help you find what you need.  Example, if you search for “alummi” the site search will find “alumni” for you.   You can also search for documents, such as PDF’s using this quick tip:

Search Tip: Enter filetype:pdf endicott to find mentions of Endicott within PDF documents. Other popular file formats you can substitute include .ppt, .doc and .xls.

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