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Volume Eighteen, Issue Two - Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Endicott Alumni Score Success as Dancers 10/07/2014 Since graduating from Endicott College, Cara Desjarlais, Karen Link, Samantha Mullen and Brianna Unsworth have all found success in the Boston area – as dancers. Desjarlais and Link will both be involved in the 2014-2015 football season a part of the Celtics Dance and Patriots Cheerleading Teams, respectively. Meanwhile, Mullen and Unsworth have been invited to be members of a non-profit professional dance company named Moneyhouse.
Gulls on Ice 10/07/2014 About a month ago, Endicott College had a ceremony announcing the ground breaking of the new ice arena that would be built on campus by the nursing center.
Career Connections: Endicott's Networking Club 10/07/2014 Professional speed-dating is taken to a whole new level with Endicott’s new and improved Networking Club, designed to help students learn how to skillfully network themselves in a room full of people from business owners to CEOs.
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