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Lynda Schlosberg Exhibit: Field of Potentiality

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Lynda Schlosberg is an emerging artist who creates intricate and complex paintings that are inspired by quantum theories and philosophies. She references imagery from science fiction cinema, satellite, and nature photography. In the construction of her work she utilizes a process of fragmentation and the language of abstract painting. Schlosberg aims to depict an imaginal realm where all natural and unnatural forces collapse into a vibrating energy that can materialize into one of an infinite number of potential realities. Lynda's background of thirty years as a graphic designer and fine art photographer complements her painting work methods. She has lectured on Color in Digital Technology, and her work has been published in ArtBeat and Studio Visit magazines.
Lynda Schlosberg was born in Newton, Massachusetts. She received her BFA from Ohio University College of Art in Athens, Ohio, and her MFA from the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University in Boston, Massachusetts. Schlosberg is represented by Susan Maasch Fine Art in Portland, Maine, and Kingston Gallery in Boston, Massachusetts. She currently has a studio in Beverly, Massachusetts.
Schlosberg states, "The relationship between form and formlessness and the flattening of an energetic field are the basis of my paintings. My interest in navigating a space between the physical and non-physical has led me to speculate about an invisible field of consciousness and energy that permeates and connects all things. This perceptual field is a complex system of interdependent interactions whose outcome can change with the introduction of a single thought."
Same as AboveWhen speaking about her process, "My paintings are constructed using a rule-based system to generate a series of interwoven layers of meticulous repeating patterns of dots, dashes, and grids in highly saturated, vibrant and illusory colors. The flat, unstructured formations of these layers wander over malleable and sometimes ethereal backgrounds; individual marks assert themselves and are instantaneously absorbed back into the canvas in a never-ending cycle. Energy vibrates into form, and form breaks down into indiscernible particles of energy. The sum of all parts creates an ineffable whole."
The fourteen works of art in this solo exhibition at Endicott create an atmosphere of bright colors and creative imagery.  Each piece speaks to the others’ form and energy and makes a separate connection to the viewer.  The many layers of color and pattern are sure to elicit different responses and experiences for each gallery visitor.
For more information on Lynda Schlosberg: Field of Potentiality exhibit, reception, and gallery hours please contact Kathleen J. Moore, 978-232-2655 or email Our website is:
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