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Endicott College Launching Unmanned Sailboat Out of Gloucester in Joint Innovation and Technology Project 02/08/2017 The Ginger Judge, named after a benefactor and alum of Endicott College, Ginger Judge ’51, will be part of the Atlantic Regatta and will be placed far out to sea to be propelled by wind and current. The small but sturdy craft is in a class of vessels known as educational drifters.
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Endicott Students Grow As Leaders During Weekend Retreat 02/27/2017 While LIGHThouse has been on campus since 2010, its popularity has continued to grow – mainly due to the annual LIGHThouse retreat. Held each fall at Camp Cody in Freedom, NH, the retreat is a three-day “escape” from campus where students remove themselves from all social media and electronics.
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Om Tat Sat: Reflections from Mumbai to Kolkata 02/03/2017 Created while journeying across India, Om Tat Sat is an exhibition of photographs by Maria Cusumano and Mark Towner, presented in the Spencer Presentation Gallery in the Walter J. Manninen Center for the Arts at Endicott College.
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Exploring Arts Careers with Presentation Series at Endicott College 01/30/2017 Endicott College will host a series of one-hour informal talks by pivotal administrators from 12 renowned arts institutions in Exploring the World of Arts Agencies and Professions.
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