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Internship 100 and 200

Students complete the two 120-hour Internships (INT100 and INT200) in January during the Freshman and Sophomore years. During the Fall Semester, first and second year students complete required assignments designed to help prepare them for the internship experience. First year students will participate in a pre-internship class that has an online component and that meets in-person once per month throughout the fall semester. Second year students complete their preparation assignments entirely online using Gullnet, Endicott's Learning Management System. The pre-internship assignments include the development of a resume or LinkedIn profile and a target list of potential internship sites. In early December, students submit an Internship Proposal Form for approval by their Internship Coordinator. The Coordinator then sends a confirmation letter to the site that describes the program goals and the supervisor's, student’s, and College's roles and responsibilities.

At the start of the January Internship, the student develops learning objectives for the internship with input from the Site Supervisor and submits them online through Gullnet. During the 120-hour internship, the student is required to complete a reflective essay assignment and weekly time sheets. Students update their resume at the conclusion of the internship to include this most recent experience. Site Supervisors are required to complete an online evaluation of the student’s performance near the end of the internship field-experience. We ask that Site Supervisors discuss this feedback with students so that it can be used as a learning opportunity. These and other requirements are explained in detail for students in the course syllabus.

Upon returning to the College, all students attend group conferences in which leaders and students discuss experiences and field-related trends. Individual conferences with faculty advisors are held in February. At that time students receive an opportunity to reaffirm career expectations. This process allows for maximum personal and professional growth.

Endicott College does not require its interns to be paid for their work. The primary purpose of the internship, which is a required part of the academic curriculum, is to provide a learning experience of substance in a professional setting. Compensation is a matter left entirely to the supervisor and the intern. 

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