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Employers: Engage with Career-Ready Talent

The Internship and Career Center (ICC) at Endicott College provides services and resources that support employers throughout the recruitment process and assists in the search for qualified candidates.

Endicott College students and graduates are prepared to enter the professional world through a unique combination of comprehensive academic and internship training that begins day one.  Hosting an intern in the first, second and/or senior year plays a vital role in the development of students’ skills and competencies while providing an opportunity to engage in meaningful work for your organization. 

Employers can partner with the Center to participate in impactful career programming such as industry nights, college to career presentations, mock interviews, classroom presentations and more that educate and prepare Endicott students while offering insight into a company’s culture and opportunities. Each spring we host a career and internship fair that regularly attracts over 500 students eager to network with participating organizations.

Utilizing the ICC’s online platform, EC Launch, employers can post internship and full-time positions to recruit across the spectrum of disciplines offered at Endicott and solicit applications for openings.  Our Employer Outreach team, with locations in New England and the New York/New Jersey/Southern Connecticut area, is always available for consultation to discuss your organization’s hiring needs and develop a customized approach to reach the best candidates.   Please see below for links to essential resources and services.  We look forward to collaborating with you.

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