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Life After Endicott

Graduating from college is a very exciting time, but also presents new challenges.  To assist graduating students with making a successful transition from student to professional, the Career Center offers programs and resources to address the following:

Managing finances
Renting an apartment
Searching for jobs
Purchasing a new car
Researching and applying to graduate school

Programs on some of these topics are offered by the Career Center throughout the year.  In addition, EC400 Senior Transitions is a one-credit course offered each spring that covers all of the topics and is open to seniors.  Below are useful web resources for graduating seniors and new graduates.

Web Resources
Covers a wide range of financial issues, including managing debt, credit cards, etc., for college
Information for new college grads on moving, renting apartments, cost of
living, etc.
A collection of salary surveys and cost of living calculators.

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