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Graduate Survey Results

Each year the Career Center surveys the graduating class of undergraduates.  The data collected is compiled and reported annually in the Post-Graduation Report brochure. 

Below are highlights of the survey results for 2015 graduates. More detailed information is available in the 2015 Post Graduate Report brochure below.  In addition, please feel free to view the career outcomes from earlier graduating classes.

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Overview of 2015 Graduates

Status of Graduates

  • Employed or attending graduate school/continuing education at the time of the survey (career outcomes rate): 98%
  • Enrolled in graduate school/continuing education:  24%
  • Employed full-time: 75%
  • Employed part-time: 7%
  • Seeking employment: 1%

    Details of Employment

    • Job is related to academic program of study: 90%
    • Employed at former internship site (or employment found through internship site contact): 53%

    (Note: Internships were the leading sources of post-graduation employment)

    The information above is based on results of survey administered to 555 graduates; knowledge rate was 83%.

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