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The Semester Internship, completed either during Spring of the Junior year or Fall of the Senior year, is the final field experience in Endicott College's internship sequence. This is a full-time, 15-week professional experience that is individually planned. Student athletes who play Fall Semester sports are encouraged to consider completing their Semester Internship during the Spring of the Junior year.

The College's Internship Coordinators help students in their search for appropriate sites. When students secure a site, they complete a Semester Internship Proposal form and submit it to their Internship Coordinator for approval.

At the start of the internship, the student completes a Learning Agreement which is used to develop learning objectives and to track progress on accomplishing those goals. In addition to the field work, students participate in bi-weekly, on-campus seminars designed to support the internship experience. They also may be required to write a reflective journal and submit time sheets. The internship and seminar are closely overseen by a qualified Faculty Supervisor who maintains contact with Site Supervisors and makes site visits. Participation in the seminars, completion of seminar assignments, performance at the internship site, and the Site Supervisor Evaluation are all factors in the Faculty Supervisor's determination of the final grade.

Following the internship, students complete the Senior Thesis project that integrates their four years of college study.

Endicott College does not require its interns to be paid for their work. The primary purpose of the internship, which is a required part of the academic curriculum, is to provide a learning experience of substance in the workplace. Compensation is a matter left entirely to the supervisor and the intern.

Answers to questions most frequently asked by students and Site Supervisors can be found on the FAQ sheet.

Distance Semester Internship

Students considering completing their Semester Internship at a distance that precludes returning to campus for the bi-weekly seminars and site visits are required to apply to complete a Distance Internship. The Distance Internship Application is available online or in the Internship Office. Students considering such an option should pay close attention to early application deadlines and should plan their Distance Internship with their Internship Coordinator and Academic Advisor at least a year in advance to ensure they meet all course requirements by their planned graduation date.

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