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Gull Card

Welcome to the Gull Card Office

The Gull Card is your official College ID and much, much more!

  • Building Access Card - Your way into your Residence Hall, the Front Gate as well as the Post Center.
  • Dining Card - Tracks your Meal Plan and Flex Accounts.
  • Library Card - Check books out of Endicott's Halle Library as well as other NOBLE Member Libraries.
  • Purchase Card - Deposit funds into your Card Cash Account to be used both on and off-campus at select locations.

We're located on the Garden Level of College Hall at the Information Technology Help Desk. Our office hours are 9:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
The Gull Card was introduced to Endicott College in July of 2002. Every member of the Endicott Community should have a Gull Card. The card is more than just a student ID! This card does it all! It is an access card, a library card, purchase card, and a dining card for both on and off campus purchases.

Endicott Gull Card Example - front            

Using the Gull Card is easy! Get it, Load it, and Use it! Treat this card as you would any debit or credit card along with any key on your keychain! Your first card is free, and yes, we know sometimes things happen and it gets misplaced, so replacing it is quick and painless. Checking account balances online and adding money to your card is just as easy and convenient.

Manage Your Account

Managing your account is easy! You have the ability to do the following:

  • View Balances
  • Activate/Deactivate Card
  • View Transaction History
  • Monthly Statements
  • Check how many meals have been used

Click here to Manage your Account!

Please feel free to contact the One Card Office if you would like assistance.

Gull Card Administrator: Jaimie Klopotoski

Phone: (978) 232-5234


Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Meal Plans

The meal plan, a requirement for students living on campus, consists of three secondary accounts: board meals, guest meals, and flex dollars. The board and guest meals are for use in the main dining hall located in the Callahan Center.

The Flex Dollar and Off-Campus Flex Dollars are included and paid for as part of the Meal Plan. Which plan you pick determines how much of each Flex you'll receive.
Flex Dollars are funds that come with each meal plan and can be used at the Dining Hall, Courtyard Cafe, the Lodge, and Einstein Bros.

Dining Services: Locations, Hours of Operation, Menus, and more

Endicott Current Meal Plans

Changing a Meal Plan: Changes to must be done within the first 2 weeks of each semester- Contact Student Affairs (978)232-2141
Increasing a meal plan after the 2 week deadline – Contact Student Affairs (978)232-2141

Dining locations: Campus Map

Depositing to Gull Card

You can deposit funds to your account in 3 ways:

1. Find out more about online depositing to your Gull Card

  • Accepts Debit/Credit cards and ACH transfers
  • You are able to deposit to Card Cash.

Please be aware that it will take up to 2 business days for an online deposit to post to an account. Deposits made after 4:00 p.m. on a Friday or before a holiday will not appear until the next business day.

2. In a PHiL station (Payment Headquarters in Location) located in 3 locations:

  • Callahan Center
  • Life Science and Business Building (next to Einstein Bros. Bagels)
  • Halle Library

These machines accept bills only up to a $20 denomination.

3. In person/mail at the Bursar’s office

  • Accepting cash and checks

Endicott College
Bursar’s Office
376 Hale St.
Beverly, MA 01915

Phone: (978) 232-2035 or (978)232-2036

To deposit funds for generic purchases use (laundry, vending, etc.) including printing and photocopying, please deposit to the Card Cash Account.

Your Gull Card Account

All Gull Cards have 4 accounts attached to them.

Flex Dollars: Money added to your card that is part of your meal plan. It is used for on-campus locations only. The amount of Flex depends on the meal plan you choose.

A few important reminders about the Flex Accounts:

  1. Flex will only transfer from the fall to the spring semester.
  2. Any remaining funds in either Flex Account at the end of the fall semester will transfer over to the spring semester. At the end of the spring semester, the balances in both accounts are reset.
  3. Don't try to do your laundry with Flex! 
  4. These funds are for dining purposes only and are meant to supplement your meal plan and provide you with more dining flexibility. See the “Card Cash” section for more information on paying for laundry and vending.

Additional funds cannot be deposited into either Flex account!

If your meal plan is running low and you'd like to upgrade, contact Student Affairs at (978) 232-2141. If you'd like to add additional funds for dining without changing your meal plan, visit Deposit to Gull Card

Off-Campus Flex Dollars: Money added to your card that is part of your meal plan. It is used for off-campus AND on-campus locations. The amount of off-campus Flex depends on the meal plan you choose.

See Available off-campus locations!

Card Cash: The Card Cash account is the account that can be used anywhere the Gull Card is accepted! While the Flex Accounts can only be used at dining locations, Card Cash contains much more flexibility.

The Card Cash account is initially empty until a deposit is made.

  • Deposits can be made online, in person or at an on-campus PHiL station.
  • Can be used at accepted on and off campus locations, dining hall, on-campus vending machines, laundry machines, bookstore, as well as photocopiers and printers at the library.
  • Unlike Flex, which resets at the end of the spring semester, your Card Cash account will stay intact until you leave Endicott.
  • Upon graduation or withdrawal, the remaining Card Cash balance will be put towards any outstanding bills in the Bursar's Office. After that, if the remaining balance is $10 or more, you'll receive a reimbursement check.

Printing Account: This is setup specifically for printing and photocopying purposes. Funds deposited into this account cannot be used elsewhere, either on or off-campus. If the Printing Account is empty, funds will automatically pull from the Card Cash Account.

Replacing Your Gull Card

The first Gull Card is always free!

Replacement cards will be billed to your student account in the Bursar's Office at the rate of $25 per card.

Have an old or damaged card? Bring it with you! If you surrender an old card while picking up a replacement, the charge is only $10.

This card should belong to you (you can't turn in your roommates Gull Card)!

Endicott does not reissue cards on a yearly basis. Students are expected to keep the same Gull Card for the duration of their enrollment. If a new card is needed, the applicable charge will apply.

If you've lost your Gull Card, you can now put it on hold immediately!

While we want you to know where your Gull Card is at all times (it really should be treated just like a credit card), we understand that occasionally it might be misplaced. While you're searching for it, you may now go to the Gull Card Account Portal to freeze your card. All your accounts and meals will be frozen. When you've found it, just log-in once again to remove the hold.

Still can't find it? Stop by the Gull Card office and we'll print you a new one (the aforementioned charge will apply).

Off-Campus Purchase Locations

Below are the locations in Beverly that you can use your off-campus Flex dollars:



Phone Number

American BBQ

950 Cummings Center


Atomic Café

265 Cabot St


Boston Bagel Company

3 Oak St


Cabot Pizza

133 Cabot St.



434 Rantoul St. & 19 Dodge St.

978-921-0632 & 978-927-0060

Domino’s Pizza

43 Beckford St.


Harry’s Pizza

730 Hale St.


Jacob's Corner Restaurant

278 Rantoul St.


Little Italy

294A Cabot St.


Neapoli Café & Pizzeria  299 Rantoul St.  978-927-6117 

North Shore Taxi

27 Walnut St.


Panera Bread

57 Dodge St.


Prides Deli & Pizzeria

644 Hale St.


Rasta Pasta Pizzeria  38 Rantoul St.  978-922-2828


386 Cabot St.


Super Sub & Salad Shop

324 Cabot St.


38 Rantoul St.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Gull Card

Q 1: Where is the Gull Card Office located? When is the Gull Card Office open?

The Gull Card Office is located on the Garden Level of College Hall with the IT Help Desk. Office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday. The office is closed on weekends and observed holidays.

Q 2: What do I do if I lose my Gull Card?

We understand that occasionally it might be misplaced. While you're searching for it, you may now go to the Endicott Gull Card site to deactivate your card. All your accounts and meals will be frozen. When you've found it, just log-in once again to remove the hold. Still can't find it? Stop by and we'll print you a new one (the replacement fee will apply see Q 3.).

Q 3: How much does it cost to replace my Gull Card?

If the card has been lost the replacement cost is $25. If your Gull Card is broken, the replacement cost is $10 only if you bring in the remaining pieces. Otherwise, the cost is $25. Fees are charged to your bill in the Bursar's Office.

Q 4: Where can I add money to my Gull Card?

There are several options for adding money to your Gull Card:

Online with Credit Card - Gull Card deposits can be made online with MasterCard, American Express, or Visa. (Discover is not offered). If you choose the credit card option, you will be assessed a non-refundable convenience fee which varies by our vendors based on the amount. The College will no longer accept credit card transactions through the mail, in person or over the phone. Endicott College does not receive any part of this convenience fee.

Online with ACH - Gull Card deposits can be made on-line with an ACH transaction from your checking or savings account. There is no fee for this service.

Mail - Gull Card deposit checks can be mailed to the College using the Gull Card Deposit Form found on the E-Bill and Payment Options web page. Do not mail Gull Card deposits to the lockbox.

In Person - The Bursar’s Office will accept cash, checks, money orders, or cashier checks.

PHiL Stations – Located at the Callahan, Library and Life Science and Business Building.

Q 5: Is it possible to add funds to my daughter/son’s Gull Card by telephone?

No – credit card transactions can only be done online.

Q 6: Where can I use my Gull Card to make purchases?

The Bookstore, Copy Center, Mail Center, Dining Hall, Einstein Bros. Bagels, The Courtyard Cafe, the Halle Library photocopiers and printers, campus vending machines and laundry machines (except for Standish Hall) as well as our off-campus locations all accept the Gull Card as payment.

Q 7: What does the Gull Card give me access to?

The Gull Card can only be used to gain access to the Post Center, the Main Gate, and your individual residence hall. Commuter students have access to the Main Gate until 11 p.m. After hours, commuting students will be required to check in with Campus Safety before entering campus.

Q 8: What is the difference between Flex dollars and Card Cash?

Flex dollars are the funds that come with each meal plan and can only be used at the Dining Hall, Courtyard Cafe, Einstein Bros. Bagels and the Lodge. Each time you pay for food using your flex dollar account, your remaining balance will be displayed on the card reader at the cashier/checkout station. You can also check your balance by inquiring at the Gull Card office at College Hall. Flex dollars cannot be used on vending machines.

Funds cannot be added to the flex dollar account. Card Cash can be used for many things around campus, including vending machines, laundry machines, photocopiers and printers at the Halle Library, and to make purchases at the Endicott College Bookstore, Copy Center, Mail Center and at the various off-campus locations.

Q 9: What happens if my card doesn't work?

If your card does not work, stop by the Gull Card Office located at College Hall or call (978) 232-5234.

Q10: What do I do if I find my card after having it replaced?

Once your Gull Card has been replaced your old ID is inactivated. It will not work anywhere on campus.

Q11: Will I keep the same card for all four years?

Yes, you will keep the same Gull Card for all four years at Endicott.

Q12: What happens to my accounts at the end of the semester? At the end of the year?

At the end of the fall semester, any flex dollars left on your account will be carried onto the spring semester. At the end of spring semester, any flex dollars remaining in your account will be lost. Your Card Cash will always remain in your account unless you leave or graduate from the College.

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