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Students to Intern in Fiji Next Year

Kaleigh Brown
Staff Writer

Next semester soon-to-be seniors Sean Hennigan and Ted Andrews will be traveling to Fiji to complete their semester-long internships. Although they’re coincidently good friends, the two never planned on doing their internships in the same place. Hennigan is a Biotechnology major and Andrews is an Exercise Science major, so they will both be working on completely different projects.

Hennigan’s internship is focused in the medical field. “I’m going to be doing outreach programs for HIV and Aids,” he said. “I’ll be working in clinics.”

Just a little while before, Hennigan had been planning on doing his internship in Beverly. The transition to Fiji is an exciting change for him. “I wanted to get life experience and not just work experience. I thought that this would be a better opportunity.”

Andrews’s internship also came at a good time for him. “I always wanted to go abroad. The opportunity came about when I was stressing about internships,” he said. “It lined up perfectly. It was one of those signs that was kind of like ‘do this’.”

Andrews signed up for two internship programs in Fiji. He will be working in nutrition as well as community sports. “I’ll be in the underdeveloped areas working with people who are malnourished and people with diabetes, which is a pretty big problem in that part of the world,” he said. “I’ll be teaching nutrition and probably fitness classes.”

Part of the appeal of the internships for the two of them is how they are going to get real hands-on experience. “We’re actually going to be doing what we want whereas with most internships around here there’s some much red tape and legal issues with medical, nutrition, and exercise.” Andrews said.  “So I think we’re both going to gain a lot of career experience where we will have actually done what we want and maybe that will tell us if we should keep going or figure out a new path.”

The two will be staying with host families while in Fiji. They have no idea if they will be living close to each other, but they said they would definitely meet up at some point. “I think we’re located in the same city, but maybe just not the same place,” Hennigan said.

There are many fears that come with living in a foreign country. Hennigan and Andrews both agreed that what they’re most afraid of is something happening at home and not being able to do anything about it. Andrews’s more “superficial” fear is not being able to eat enough food. “I don’t know how much food is provided. I eat a lot and I don’t want to clean out this host family’s supplies,” he said.

As for the weekends, both men have their own ideas about what they want to do with their free time. “I’d like to travel because they have a ton of different islands and a lot of them have little tribes,” Hennigan said. “I’d be cool to go there for a weekend because they have a lot of different culture things, like wearing a backpack is kind of offensive or something along those lines.”

Having recently started playing rugby, Andrews said that he wanted to try to see a professional game. He also talked about the possibility of traveling to Australia or New Zealand. “Things there that we don’t have so much in Beverly, MA is what I’m looking to experience,” he said. “I love Endicott, but it will be nice to get away.”

Hennigan is also happy to be getting away from Endicott for the semester. “It’ll give me a new viewpoint and a better appreciation for what I have,” he explained.

“You can’t really reflect on something fully until you’re out of it. So being there I’m going to be looking back on how I’ve gone about my life so far in my time here at Endicott,” Andrews added.

Aside from the great career experience, the two seemed most enthusiastic about the big change and being able to experience something out of the normal. “You’re responsible for yourself and there’s no preconceived notions. You don’t have a friend who sees you and expects you to be a certain way. It’s just new,” Andrews said. “It’s a new culture and I would imagine that it’s going to be life changing. How could it not be?”

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