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EC Web Guide

Having trouble navigating the new website? Not sure where to find the Academic Calendar, the Find Programs page, the Library databases, or another item? Use this webpage as a guide!

The new responsive website includes many exciting new features.

For the best user experience, download the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to use the website and its new features.

Homepage Screenshot top

1. Quick Links
The new Quick Links navigation in the top right displays the most popular navigation options. It contains links to the Academic Catalogs, Campus Map, Dining ServicesHalle LibraryParking, and many other items. Below is a screenshot of all of the Quick Links options.

Quick Links opened revised


2. Audience Navigation
Also located in the top right are the Audience Navigation links. These links give users the option to view content relating specifically to them. Current students may be more interested in Campus Happenings and how to properly check-in visitors, where as Prospective Students are more concerned with how to apply for financial aid and when the application deadlines are.

3. Main Navigation
On each page, the main navigation bar always appears in the top centered position. It features six main categories of information - About, Admission, Undergraduate, Van Loan School, Student Life, and Athletics.

4. Carousel Navigation
This secondary area of navigation provides users with links to Endicott's Orientation(s), Commencement, Center for the Arts, Alumni Gift Challenge, Diane M. Halle Library, Misselwood, International Education Programs, and Campus Map. To scroll through the different options, simply click the arrows to the right and left of the carousel.


5. CTA (Call To Action) Bar
The CTA is a fixed navigation bar located at the bottom of the browser window and follows the user as they scroll. This ensures that the user can always access the navigation to find a complete listing of programs, apply to the College, request information about the undergraduate or graduate programs, find specific resources needed to plan a visit, and access Endicott's various social media accounts. Applications and Forms can easily be found in the CTA bar by clicking "Apply" and then the desired program.

6. EC|Connect
It is also important for users to note that EC Connect now applies to Endicott's social media accounts. A link to MyEndicott can now be found in the top right next to the search bar.


Homepage Bottom Revision 4

7. Twitter Feed
The edu website now features an up-to-date twitter feed at the bottom of the page, showcasing the Endicott College twitter account's daily tweets.

8. Footer - Closed
When closed, the Footer contains the Faculty/Staff Directory, College Mailing Address, and Endicott's Emergency Information. More information can be found when opening the Footer.


9. Footer - Open
The footer can be expanded by clicking the arrow, featuring three main categories of information. The links among the three categories describe the Endicott community, how to pay bills and order transcripts, give the user information about the many Campus Happenings, etc.


Events Calendar Revision 4

10. Events Calendar Main Navigation (
The Calendar page can be accessed in the Quick Links. This page combines all Endicott events into one convenient place, whether the event is Campus-Wide, run by Student Activities, Center for the Arts, etc. The main navigation bar contains options to find a specific event, find a specific department calendar, plan an event, and submit a new event.

11. Other Calendars Dropdown
Within the Other Calendars dropdown menu, users can find specific links to the Academic Calendar, Admission events, Alumni events, Center for the Arts events, Athletic Calendar, and even the Dining Services webpage.

12. Featured Events
This section of the Events homepage showcases specific upcoming events that update weekly.

13. EC Tickets (
Click this button to purchase Endicott event tickets from Eventbrite. Most Endicott events are free to students and faculty members, but it is always a good idea to check if a ticket or reservation is needed to attend a certain event. For example, many Center for the Arts events can only hold a certain amount of guests due to the space available within Tia's Theater or the Rose Performance Hall.

14. Swipeable Events
Students need to attend four Swipeable Events each academic year to keep in good academic standing. To find a listing of Swipeable Events, click this button.

15. Calendar Categories
This section showcases three of the main events categories - Campus-Wide events, Student Activities events, and Center for the Arts events. These columns provide users with the next five upcoming events within these categories.

16. Events Organization
Use this navigation on the bottom right to view events for the current day, week, and events occurring after 7 PM.


EC Alerts

17. EC Alerts
EC Alerts will now appear at the very top as a red bar all the way across the page. The EC Alert will provide users with the information about the alert and the date when it was issued.

Center for the Arts18. New microsites and branded partner sites:
- Manninen Center for the Arts
- Van Loan School
- International Education
Misselwood Event & Conference Services
- Misselwood Concours d'Elegance
Endicott Athletics and Recreation 
ActiveData Calendar 
- Sodexo/Dining Services
Stelter Planned Giving (Institutional Advancement)
- Acalog College Catalogs

All of these microsites follow the same style and look and feel of the edu site while remaining unique to the specific department being represented.



Find a Program19. Find Programs
The Find Programs button can be found on the CTA bar. This page was created to make the program search process more efficient. Users can simply type in the desired program in the top right search bar or use the left-hand navigation to find the Degree Level, School, and Locations where the program is offered. Users may click on the program name to go directly to the specific program page.

Print Function20. Print Function
The new Print dialogue box includes more options for customizing a print job. Now, users can download the file as a PDF, remove the images before printing (to save ink!), email the page to a friend or family member, and even delete paragraphs of content that are irrelevant or unnecessary to print.





21. Updated Imagery
The new website utilizes more contemporary, intriguing imagery to represent the rich Academics, Student Life, and Athletics found within the Endicott community.










22. Spotlights
Spotlights have been included on the bottom of many pages to feature information on topics such as the Keys to Degrees program, student internships, and new Business and Life Science building.



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