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Halle Library Interlibrary Loans

Halle Library patrons may request books and articles from other libraries through interlibrary loan. Circulating books located at NOBLE libraries may be requested through interlibrary loan; normally with a rapid delivery time of 1-4 days. Patrons may also order books online through the Statewide Virtual Catalog. The library can also obtain books and articles from other libraries throughout the country. The time required for loans from outside of NOBLE is less predictable and depends on its availability and the loaning library. Students are encouraged to plan accordingly when depending on interlibrary loans from outside NOBLE for research papers.

How To Request Interlibrary Loans and Materials:

Interlibrary loans of books may be requested electronically through the library catalog by any registered patron with a PIN. PINs may be requested at the circulation or reference desks.

Can't find your article full-text?

Please check Journal Titles (type the journal name in the right hand box.). If not in another database, please request.

Can't find your book?

Please check NOBLE Book Catalog (search Entire Collection). Still not available? Try the Statewide Virtual Catalog. Still not available? Please request.

Contact a Librarian

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