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Sample Letter: Copyright Permission Request for Photocopied Material

Sample (send on Endicott College letterhead):

Copyright and Materials Permission Dept.
Journal of Library Policy Review
100 Sample Street
Boston, Massachusetts  02101

Dear Sir:

I am requesting your  permission to copy the following for continued use in my classes in future semesters:

[AUTHOR] Jonathan Wertman
[TITLE] "Library copyright policy - doing the right thing"

Journal of Library Policy Review, August 2005, p300-305.
[DISTRIBUTION]  The material will be put on reserve for my classes each semester (or semester and year material will be used).
[TYPE OF REPRINT] Photocopy.
[USE]      The material will be used as supplementary reading for the Endicott College course: "Introduction to College Life 101."

Enclosed please find a self-addressed stamped envelope for your convenience in replying to this request.

[your name]

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