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Halle Library Mission Statement

Halle Library serves the Endicott College community as a hub of information resources and is a major source of support for the College's academic curriculum. The Library environment, both physical and virtual, is designed to be welcoming and friendly, conducive to research and all styles of inquiry. Halle Library's information offerings are carefully selected and managed by professional staff in collaboration with faculty subject experts, encompassing an array of traditional print materials as well as digital and online media. Through classroom instruction, electronic communication, and in-person exchange, Halle Library's professionals assist Endicott's community of scholars in navigating the sea of global information resources, fostering the growth of discerning, information-literate students in all disciplines. As gateway and guide to a world of information, Halle Library supports the Mission of Endicott College in “supporting the personal and professional development of its students, preparing them to assume meaningful roles within the greater community, both domestically and internationally.”

About Halle Library

Located in an attractive building at the heart of the main campus, the library manages a growing collection of over 260,000 titles across a variety of formats, and serves as the gateway to a wide array of electronic resources that provide full-text access for hundreds of thousands of individual journal articles.

Originally built in 1965, the library underwent a total renovation in 1997 and a major expansion in 2002.

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